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Who Do You Need By Your Side According To Your Zodiac Sign


Aries, you are a person with a very intense exterior, but a very gentle interior. You need someone who understands you and has patience. When you’re in a bad mood, you need someone to calm you down. Even though you appear to be confident in yourself, you are actually a very vulnerable being. Your partner should accept you as you are and not try to change you. When you need space, this person should be there for you, even in silence. And you also have to be there for that person, remember that. It’s about giving and receiving.


Taurus, you are a big teddy bear with a dark side. You love earthly pleasures. You deserve someone who is totally romantic, but also has a touch of fire in their soul. If you’re losing control, you need someone who is an oasis of calm. Someone who can smile even when there is lightning and thunder on the horizon. Someone who will listen to you when your walls are crumbling and who can be your rock when you feel like the world is falling apart. Even if you like to do things on your own, deep down you want to have someone who understands you without needing words.


Gemini, it’s all about exploring the new. You are adventurous, sociable and charismatic, so you expect someone who can keep up with you no matter what the situation requires. You need someone who is willing to take risks. You deserve a partner who is serious but also fun and playful. You need someone to keep you in check without overwhelming you. Even if you seem very brave, you know that you have to trust your partner, because when you feel overwhelmed, you will only show it in private. Very few have the privilege of knowing and understanding you.


Cancer, with your pure and sensitive heart, you aspire to the best for your partner, but that doesn’t mean you sacrifice everything. For you, it is essential to have an honest, sincere and autonomous partner, capable of maintaining a healthy relationship based on mutual respect. Carrying such a vulnerable heart can cause distress, so you need someone to help you heal and accept your past and that of others. Even though you try to be sociable, you know that it is difficult for you to be in social environments. Therefore, your ideal partner will be someone who supports you in meetings and social events and who likes your shyness. Even if you sometimes seem clingy and overprotective, your ideal partner will not be intimidated by these qualities, but will accept and even appreciate them.


Leo, you are faithful. If your partner lacks loyalty, the relationship is doomed to collapse. You deserve a sincere, generous and flirtatious partner. Like a lion in the jungle, you thrive when you are the center of attention and shine when you are loved and valued. However, you don’t take criticism well and tend to take things personally. Your ideal partner is someone who understands your sensitivity and knows how to communicate in a way that doesn’t hurt you. The one who aspires to be by your side must recognize your efforts in everything you do.


Virgo, you are a thoughtful and introspective sign. You have difficulty opening up to new relationships. The person who wants to be by your side must be patient, you know that you will greatly reward the wait. You’re looking for someone who is down to earth and supportive of your decisions, you deserve nothing less. Being the perfectionist that you are, you exhaust yourself trying to achieve things. You know you’re going through a tough time when you’re not the best, so you need someone who can offer you emotional support and admire you regardless.


Libra, you like to vibrate high, be at peace with the world and walk like a happy little bird through life. You avoid conflicts. You tend to put others before yourself. Your ideal partner is someone who encourages you to recognize your power and stop giving it away. You need someone who doesn’t allow others to step over you and who even helps you fight your battles. Libras are good-hearted and hopeless romantics. Their ideal partner is someone who gives as much as they do and never makes them feel like they’re trying too hard.


Scorpio, among everything you represent, you are intense and sensual. You need someone who can match your passion. You’re also looking for someone who is fun and patient with your suspicion. You know you need time to trust others. Plus, as someone who is so dominant that they want to take control in a relationship, you need a partner who is a little more passive and enjoys being that way. You have two faces: an extroverted one in public and a deeply emotional one in private. You need someone who understands both of your personalities. Your ideal partner is both soft and tough when necessary.


Sagittarius, you don’t miss the opportunity to try something new. You need a partner who knows how to use humor to break tensions. You also need someone as active as you, otherwise you’ll get bored. You’re not someone who easily shares your feelings, so you need someone who will take the time to interpret you, understand you, and help you talk about how you feel. Above all, you need someone who won’t put any pressure on you. A person who doesn’t give up should stay by your side, because once they win your heart, they will have your loyalty for life.


Capricorn, you are an intelligent, responsible and serious person. You might need someone who isn’t so serious. Even if he is different from you in humor, you undoubtedly deserve someone as hardworking as you. You may become insecure and shy. You need a sense of security in your relationship, so look for someone who is serious about it. Even if you seem cold and cautious, it’s because you care for your gentle but suspicious heart. Even if you care a lot about the person you love, you will hold back from saying it for fear of being hurt. So your ideal partner should boost your confidence and show you that you don’t have to go through everything alone. People don’t know it once they’ve won your heart, but it will be forever.


Aquarius, you are very creative… in everything. You need someone as experimental and adventurous as you. And you’re clearly looking for someone who is sociable and able to share with you all those social scenes you like to hide in. You were never common. You see the world very differently from others. You will see treasure where others see the strange or unacceptable. Therefore, your ideal partner is someone who others will not understand. You need someone who doesn’t care what people think.


Pisces, you are emotional, intuitive and generous. You want a relationship with someone who is compassionate and caring, just like you. And you also need someone with whom you’re not afraid to show your sensual side from time to time. You are zen. The person next to you needs to understand that when you remain silent, you are thinking deeply about something. You feel everything very deeply, so your sensitivity must be respected and cared for. You need someone who won’t take advantage of it, someone who admires your spiritual side and even joins in your times of meditation.

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