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Who Is Most Loved By Men According To Their Zodiac Sign?

Who is most loved by men according to their zodiac sign? We decided to check who the heavenly bodies appointed to the role of the reference woman. Do you want to know which zodiac sign is ideal? Then read our festive astrological rating!

Who is most loved by men according to the zodiac sign:

5th place – Cancer

Cancers want to be reference women, but they are shy. Or they are afraid. Or they think they can’t. Therefore, they choose for themselves some kind of female archetype – Woman-Mother, for example – and bring it to perfection, inaccessible to all other signs.

Thank them very much for this. Those who are not Mother Woman, for example, now have a chance not to hang themselves in a dark corner with envy.

4th place – Pisces

We almost did not reach the place in the top three Pisces – almost reference women. Insidious devourers of male hearts who do not want to decide anything, but want a dress and pens.

In fact, of course, Pisces want everyone to leave them alone and not invade their ideal inner female world with their rough reality.

3rd place – Leo

Lionesses close the top three – we write the third, the first in the mind. In any case, in the mind of the Lionesses, who do not doubt for a second that they are the reference women, everyone should learn femininity from them.

Hypothetically. In practice, the Lionesses are not going to take and create competitors for themselves with these pens, so we will not give them the first place. And there is nothing to be greedy because!

2nd place – Scorpio

The honorable second place goes to Scorpio – a reference woman who was moved from the podium of the winner by merciless time.

Not in the sense that Scorpions age early, but in the sense that the world has changed somewhat: the Holy Inquisition, for example, has already been canceled. But Scorpio is the same reference embodiment of a woman as a friend of debauchery and vice.

Devil in a skirt. And for those who were hurt by her femininity, there is nowhere to complain now. Except in Sportloto.

1st place – Libra

And here it is – the standard that all other women dream of being!

If you ask them why, they will say that Libra miraculously embodies all the qualities attributed to women, and those that are considered negative, Libra manages to present as dignity.

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