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Who Is Your Inner Child According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Today our magic ball showed what your inner child looks like, who never grows up!

Capricorn – Masha Startseva

There is nothing childish about the inner child of Capricorn, except for bows, wide-open naive eyes, and fives in the diary in all subjects. That’s what Capricorn thinks as he strokes his pious inner girl through his neatly braided braids. And then – suddenly, naturally! – it turns out that this excellent student is a personal Capricorn Satan: she doesn’t seem to do anything like that, but all the time some devils are running around her!

Aquarius – Kevin McCallister

The inner child of Aquarius always wants the same thing: for someone to forget him alone at home, preferably forever. Family is very nice, of course, but, to be honest, it is very tiring. As you understand, he does not experience any fear of loneliness, but regularly experiences a longing for freedom and permissiveness. However, if Aquarius forgets one person somewhere, his inner child will soon begin to get bored. But it’s not what you think: he just came up with pranks for everyone, more like Egyptian executions, and he can’t wait to see how these fools get into it. Well, it will be funny!

Pisces – Malvina

Not a girl – a doll! The inner child of Pisces is such a special special child: the childish cuteness of the 80th level and nothing more childish at all. Because – what is good about them, about these children? They waste their time on all sorts of nonsense like games and fun, instead of taking the pose of the Most Important Girl in the World and being capricious to their heart’s content, demanding adoration and driving wooden people who never had any nerves to the point of a nervous breakdown. This is life!

Aries – Peter Pan

Some people believe that Peter Pan is a boy who doesn’t want to grow up. Not really. Peter Pan is a boy who can’t grow up because he’s a little bit of that and not very much alive. And, strictly speaking, he is not a boy, but a very vengeful and cruel spirit, kidnapping babies so that he has someone to play with. And those who don’t want to play forever, but want to grow up like a fool, are easier to kill than to convince. In essence, Peter Pan is a terrible creature, of course. But who else can arrange a complete Neverland with blackjack and bonuses in this boring reality, huh?

Taurus – Tom Sawyer

The inner child of Taurus, of course, wants as many adventures as possible, and, amazingly, even Taurus himself cannot cope with this demon in short pants: if Tom Sawyer is up to the task, there is no need to take out the saints, they are taken out completely independently, out of harm’s way. On the other hand, the inner child of Taurus loves so much that everyone admires him (but at the same time does all the boring work for him), which sometimes falls to Taurus himself. In general, there is no harm from this baby, except for the benefit. We mean, no harm to Taurus – it’s not for Taurus to paint a fence.

Gemini – Omen

Everyone’s children are like children, and Gemini, of course, has a little inner Antichrist. Strictly speaking, nothing could be added to this (sit and be afraid, muahahaha!), but we simply have to note: Gemini copes wonderfully with the internal Omen. He walks in line with them, eats his porridge on time, does his homework, and commits his black crimes exclusively on toys. It seems to us that this is why Geminis are such goofballs: all the resources are spent on taking the Antichrist by the ear in time and doing him a-ta-ta.

Cancer – Pollyanna

The ideal inner child: a kind, sympathetic, fair, caring, thrifty, smart girl who remembers no evil. The devil knows how Cancers manage to endure this monster inside themselves, in which they cannot even leave a teaspoon in the sink overnight, but somehow they cope. Or maybe they just put her in a corner on a pile of peas in a dark room, so that she doesn’t get confused with her holiness underfoot. She won’t complain to anyone anyway, because she’s not a sneak, ha ha ha!

Leo – Harry Potter

For the inner child of Leo, everything is the same as for the adult Leo: he needs universal love and adoration, otherwise, he does not play. At the same time, love and adoration, mind you, not for any special merits, but because someone squandered all the raspberries: the dark lord missed, like that Akela. That’s all. You are already the Boy Who Lived, and the most important hero: 100,500 points for Gryffindor!

Virgo – Wednesday Addams

Virgo’s inner child is no different at all from the adult Virgo herself. It’s just that Virgo loves, cherishes, and cherishes her inner child, so the girl is allowed to look the way she wants, say what she thinks, and do everything that her dark childish soul wants. But Virgo herself is not allowed. The adult Virgo courageously and steadfastly fulfills her social duty and pretends to be a normal person. I mean, a person who doesn’t have a guillotine in his room for guests. On the other hand, all the best goes to children, right?

Libra – Charlie, “The Chocolate Factory”

The inner child of Libra sincerely believes in miracles, and they happen to him all the time. Another thing is that these miracles are sometimes very creepy, but, you know, Libra themselves are responsible for this: an overflowing miracle in the spirit of “and they lived happily ever after” is not aesthetically pleasing enough, you see. Here’s the psychopath Willy Wonka and his infernal factory for processing children into chocolate – it’s a completely different matter: firstly, it’s beautiful…

Scorpio – Claudia, Interview with the Vampire

The inner child of Scorpios is a kind of Koshcheev’s death: a needle in an egg, an egg in a duck, a duck sewn into the caecum of Frankenstein’s monster. That is, we want to say that the inner child of Scorpios is a beautiful little girl, like a porcelain doll. Inside sits an adult, cruel, vicious, and passionate bloodsucker, who is at least three hundred years old. So don’t stick your hands with the ice cream at the baby in vain, he’ll bite you off. Up to the head.

Sagittarius – Alisa Selezneva

The inner child of Streltsov is the most beloved girl of all Soviet children: Alice from the wonderful and distant future, which everyone wants to go to, but no one will live to see (haha). A brave, desperate, and fair defender of all children worn out by pioneer ties. That is, it didn’t tie that acted as a universal evil, but we all understand who has a tie and who has a microphone, right? Well, in general, everyone, of course, loves the inner child of Sagittarius very much, but no person would not want to strangle Alice. A pioneer tie, yes, yes.

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