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Why Everyone Hates Them: The Worst Qualities Of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is not as simple a sign as it might seem at first glance. The bad qualities of Sagittarius are completely invisible at the beginning of communication. He is usually very charming, and open, his optimism is contagious, and his love of adventure is admirable.

But if you take a closer look at these cuties, you will discover some very unpleasant things. We will tell you why Sagittarians are bad, and you decide for yourself how critical these shortcomings are for you.

Good and bad qualities of Sagittarius

Before we look at the dark side of Sagittarius, let’s remember why we like them. That would be fair, don’t you agree? And Sagittarius values ​​justice. They are honest, frank, sincere, and generally for everything good against everything bad. Like other fire signs, Sagittarius is active and enterprising, temperamental and open-minded. Creative, strong-willed, decisive representatives of this zodiac sign can charm everyone, and the bad qualities of Sagittarius do not attract attention for a long time.

But they exist. And it’s better if you learn about the bad sides of Sagittarius from us than through your own bitter experience.

Negative qualities of Sagittarius

Adventurism taken to the extreme

The list of negative traits of Sagittarius reveals their irrepressible desire to participate in every risky enterprise. Don’t feed Sagittarius bread, let them get involved in some kind of adventure. The thing is that they love to learn something new and experience new things. “I want to try everything in this life!” – Sagittarius motto. This may be charming at first glance, but in real life, you want to stay away from such crazy guys. Dropping everything and going to volunteer in Africa is fun at 19, but Sagittarius is quite ready for such turns at 45, being burdened with family, children, and loans.

And he perceives absolutely any attempts to place Sagittarius in any kind of framework as a personal insult. The desire for unlimited freedom makes them the very people who vitally need to cross the road in the wrong place. This bad quality of a Sagittarius man makes communication with him somewhat difficult, unless, of course, you share his passionate love of adventure.

Chronic lack of plans and unwillingness to change anything

Plans are not about Sagittarius. This is understandable, if you are ready to give up everything at any moment, what plans may be discussed? And everything would be fine, but living next to such a character is quite difficult. Only if you are not ready to finally leave for Africa at 45 – in this case, the negative traits of Sagittarius will most likely seem to you only as cute features.

In addition, Sagittarius takes all turns of fate for granted. Like a new adventure. Like a challenge. Like anything, he simply accepts this something as it is, not even wanting to try to change the circumstances. Sometimes this Sagittarius character trait doesn’t seem like the worst thing, but when you see how these people are not ready to lift a finger to change the situation, it can be very annoying.

Selection of partners

If a Sagittarius falls in love with you, consider this a wake-up call about what kind of person you are. The fact is that Sagittarians have an amazing ability to choose the most unsuitable romantic partners within a 10-kilometer radius around them and reject anyone who could make them happy. And yes, this bad quality of Sagittarius is also characteristic of women.

Most likely, Sagittarius only wants to be with you because you are the best candidate to support their most erroneous ideas about the world around them, indulge their worst whims, and stroke their inflated egos. The most attractive quality of a partner for Sagittarius is spinelessness. They believe that such partners allow them to enjoy freedom. But do you want to support the worst qualities of Sagittarius?


Sagittarians are generally good friends, they are reliable, honest, and not vindictive. But be careful: Sagittarians, as a rule, always pretend that they are well-versed in issues about which they understand nothing. If you try to correct Sagittarius or suspect him of ignorance, get ready for him to be rude to the point of cruelty. If even the worst Sagittarius loses his temper, his carefully cultivated social skills instantly disappear, and he behaves like a rude, arrogant slacker (which he is!).

After the smoke clears over the battlefield, Sagittarius will sincerely regret that he insulted you. He will apologize for a long time and wonder why you were so offended by all the nasty things he said to you. But when you have to deal with the negative qualities of a Sagittarius, you are unlikely to be so pleased with his easygoing nature.

Dubious colleague and employee

Sagittarians can be hard workers, but only if they enjoy what they do. They are too often let down by self-confidence and know-it-all syndrome. This can easily lead Sagittarius to disappointment in themselves, boredom, and an attempt to escape from reality. A bored, disappointed representative of the sign is prone to the worst habits, and the worst qualities of Sagittarius come to the fore in this case.

Sagittarius is not the best choice for the role of the person who has to do something, but, aside from the bad character traits of Sagittarius, representatives of this sign are very good at discussing tasks and motivating people. Their self-confidence and blind faith are sometimes very contagious. Motivational speaker, coach – this is their path.

PS Of course, all people are different, and it would be stupid to say that one Sagittarius contains all the worst qualities of this sign, but… You know what, take a closer look at your Sagittarius friends.

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