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Your Gentle Strength Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What is the female power according to the signs of the zodiac? Every woman is endowed with strength from the universe. Only this is not a brute male power to lift and move something, this is the power of tenderness. Tenderness has such a great influence on us that for the sake of it, everything is ready for miracles. But what power the female Zodiac Sign has will tell the horoscope.

Your gentle strength based on your zodiac sign:


The power of Cancer is in empathy. The Cancer Girl has been hiding from the world in her impenetrable shell for a reason all her life! After all, if she even sticks out the tip of her finger from there – that’s it: the whole young lady will disappear. She will immediately be pulled into someone else’s skin, and she will have to think other people’s thoughts, experience other people’s feelings and get involved in other people’s problems. For everyday life, the quality is not very convenient, but in the case of global cataclysms, you can’t imagine better. The Cancer girl cannot be defeated, because if she needs it, then she is you. And fighting with yourself is somehow strange, right?


The strength of Libra is in lightness and charm. The Libra girl is always charming. Even if she is a stern chief accountant and a lawyer with shark teeth, she is still such a girl-girl. Sweet, charming, unusually charismatic, and very light. Next to Libra, every shabby little man feels like a magnificent hero, every tired woman feels like a young princess, and every juvenile bully feels like a sweet angel. And no one wants to upset this fairy.


The strength of Scorpios is in natural magnetism. The Scorpio girl does not make the slightest effort to attract anyone to herself, like a magnet, and completely deprive her of will. It kind of happens by itself. Fortunately, the Scorpio girl is only interested in the elite, she never condescends to most of her victims, and they gradually fall off somehow, wondering: what was it?

What, what… What difference does it make to you? Say, thank you that the trap opened itself. Because for those who are firmly caught, even biting off their paw is useless. Because you don’t want to.


The strength of Sagittarius lies in perseverance and optimism. Unshakable sign. Everything around will be demolished by a vital tsunami, drown someone, throw someone on a foreign shore, destroy cities, and swap islands, and the Sagittarius girl will remain where she stood. He wrings his hair out of the water and says: “I went, damn it, for some bread!” And, by the way, the bread will not lose. So if the “bread” is you, you can assume that from now on you have 9 lives. In the strength of Sagittarius, you can hide from all life’s adversities, as in an impregnable citadel.


The strength of Capricorn is the inability to work. Already the horses will tragically die from work, and the Capricorn girl will still work, without showing the slightest sign of fatigue. Some try to feel sorry for the “poor things” of Capricorns, not understanding the main thing: the Capricorn young lady is a perpetual motion machine, she draws her energy precisely in action. And this means that the principle “Do what you must, and come what may” always works for her.


The strength of Aries is in determination. The Aries girl sees the goal but simply does not notice the obstacles. At the same time, one must understand that if an insurmountable wall gets in the way of an Aries girl, sooner or later, one way or another, she will break through it. Or blow it to hell. She knows perfectly well that the wall can be bypassed if you try hard enough, but she believes that compromises with reality are for the weak. And, interestingly, reality usually yields to it. Because everyone wants to live, you know.


The strength of Taurus is in fantasy. For some reason, everyone thinks that the Taurus girl is an earthly person, standing firmly on her feet, but completely devoid of imagination. And here it is not. The Taurus girl is simply strong and smart, so she deals with minor problems with one left. But from serious adversity, Taurus runs away into his rich inner world, which he does not show to anyone.

Yes, it’s better for you not to watch what’s going on with her, it’s not for the faint of heart. But it is there that she draws energy and returns full of strength. True, at this moment it is better not to approach her.


The strength of Gemini is in communication skills. The Gemini girl creates social bonds as easily and naturally as a spider spins a web and manages people like a real puppeteer. But still, its main strength is the word. She can speak to anyone to death, and resurrect anyone with a couple of the right words – exactly this person needs them. Keep in mind that this magic also applies to the printed word.


The strength of Aquarius is unconventional thinking. The Aquarius girl seems a little strange to some. Others even believe that she is not at all adapted to a normal life, because she is always in the clouds. But precisely at the very moment when everyone starts running around the ceiling, shouting “Everything is lost!” and “We will all die!”, the Aquarius lady will instantly see the way out. Or even two. And tell everyone which one is better. Because only she knows how to walk through walls without stereotypes and stupid rules.


The strength of Pisces is incredible intuition. The fish feels the world like water: it reads the smallest fluctuations and temperature differences instantly and notices even those nuances that are inaccessible to anyone at all. True, extra people strain them. But Rybka, of course, will lead her loved ones away from a danger long before this very danger somehow manifests itself. Well, of course, Rybka will not allow herself to perish.


The strength of the Lionesses is fearlessness. Lionesses, in principle, are unfamiliar with the feeling of fear, which is why they are always and everywhere the first: the first beauties (and it doesn’t matter how they look), the smartest (and no matter how many other smart people are around) and generally the queens of the Universe.

Just because while everyone else is sitting and afraid to show themselves (no matter how something happens, yeah), the Lioness just gets up, walks regally to the throne, and sits down on it. It seems like it should be. And for some reason, it always turns out that this is the way it should be.


The strength of Devs is in logic and intellect. The Mind of the Virgin is the sword of the samurai, capable of cutting through silk, marble, and living flesh with equal ease. Virgo will disassemble any situation and problem into atoms, carefully consider, study, and put it back together – now knowing exactly what to do with it all. Or not to her, but to you – because Virgo does not care what exactly to disassemble. It doesn’t matter at all. Situations or feelings, her own or others’ – everything is the same for her. But she does not make mistakes.

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