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Zodiac Sign Compatibility: The Best And Worst Sign Combinations, According To Astrologers

Find out the compatibility of the zodiac signs and if the stars are in your favor for you and your partner. Have you ever looked at couples and wondered how they could be so well-matched? They seem to exude harmonious energy, have excellent communication skills, and seem perfectly matched. Some believe in the idea of ​​soulmates, while others attribute their relationship success to strong foundations.

However, a few turn to astrology to seek answers.

The quest for true love might involve exploring astrology to determine the best and worst partners for you based on zodiac sign compatibility.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility: Astrology is not just about associating two signs and labeling them as compatible or not.

Just like most things in life, astrology is a complex field. However, it offers a fascinating depth to explore and understand, especially when it comes to compatibility. We all carry within us the influence of each sign of the zodiac and each planet, which helps to shape our identity and our relationships with others. The Sun, Moon, and Venus signs are a great place to start, but there is so much more to discover if we want, to learn more about this read the end of the article.

Whether you’re curious about whether a relationship is meant to last or wondering about zodiac sign compatibility or compatibility with your new partner, understanding zodiac signs can offer a unique perspective. At a minimum, it’s a fascinating topic that can open up discussions about wants, needs, and boundaries within a relationship.

Zodiac sign compatibility

Find out which couples are the most compatible and which are least compatible for each sign of the zodiac. However, the reality is often more complex than simply classifying couples as “best” or “worse.” Although astrological indicators can provide some guidance, our own experience is often the best judge. Have you ever had relationships with Leos or Scorpios? Have you surrounded yourself with Gemini or Capricorn?

Understanding your sun sign and its influence on your personality can give you insight into the type of partner that might be right for you. Keep reading to explore your zodiac sign further and find out which signs might be a perfect (or not-so-good) match for you.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility: The Best and Worst Combinations


Best partners: Gemini, Aquarius

Less compatible partners: Cancer, Capricorn

Aries, as a fire sign, is known for its competitiveness, boldness, and energetic personality. If you are an Aries with a spontaneous, courageous, and daring temperament, it means that you live by your true self and constantly tap into your energy and self-confidence. As a cardinal sign, Aries possesses a natural inclination for leadership and a determination to achieve their goals.

Individuals born under the sign of Aries fall in love quickly and are just as quick to commit, but their best relationships are usually formed with Gemini and Aquarius. Aries looks for partners who can keep up with them, and Gemini with keen intelligence and Aquarius with unique character are up to the challenge. On the other hand, Cancer’s sensitivity and Capricorn’s rationality may not harmonize well with Aries’ intensity and impulsiveness.


Best partners: Cancer, Pisces

Less compatible partners: Leo, Aquarius

Earth and water signs tend to possess a more introverted, emotional, and nurturing energy. Taurus, as a fixed sign, places great importance on loyalty and stability, qualities that are generally not characteristic of fire and air signs. Taureans are symbolized by the bull, which perfectly reflects their stubborn character, their resistance to change, and their propensity to hold grudges.

The best partners for Taurus are Cancers and Pisces. Taurus and Cancer share an inclination toward domesticity, stable projects, and consistency. Taurus and Pisces develop sensitive and rewarding connections. On the other hand, Leos and Aquarians, as extroverts who like change, may have difficulty adapting to a Taurus lifestyle, which can make cohabitation difficult for these signs.


Best Partners: Aries and Leo

Less compatible partners: Virgo and Pisces

Gemini is affiliated with the element of air, which usually causes them to get along with other fire and air signs. Fire and air signs are characterized by their exciting nature, curiosity, liveliness, and quickness. They share a similarity in their approach to life and in the sources of joy and fulfillment that drive them.

Geminis are often stereotyped as being two-faced, but in reality, they are blessed with the ability to adapt their energy to their environment. People born under this sign can be both introverted and extroverted, and their superpower lies in their ability to discuss or learn about any subject under the sun.

This ever-changing nature of Gemini pairs harmoniously with the fire signs’ passion for change and zest for life. Aries and Leos make the best alliances with Gemini. In contrast, Virgo’s need for control may put off Gemini, while Pisces’ need for intimacy may be hindered by Gemini’s wide social circle.


Best Partners: Taurus and Virgo

Less compatible partners: Aries and Libra

Individuals born under the sign of Cancer may suffer from an unfair reputation due to their intense emotions, but in reality, they are simply very in tune with their own and others’ feelings. Cancers can be great partners in a relationship because of their ability to support their partner with their empathy and understanding.

Due to their highly emotional nature and desire for stability, Cancers often have difficulty getting along with impulsive Aries and extroverted Libras. Instead, Cancers feel best in the company of earth signs Taurus and Virgo due to their love of tranquility, stability, and careful approach to life.


Best Partners: Gemini and Libra

Less compatible partners: Taurus and Scorpio

Leos are confident, daring individuals, and sometimes a little too focused on themselves (they strive for excellence!). As an ambitious and passionate fire sign, they have an energetic temperament. Leos are often the center of attention and enjoy the company of Gemini, who has a knack for conversing with anyone on any subject. Leos and Libras get along particularly well because of their shared charisma and smooth communication.

Leos are often not inclined to spend their Friday evenings at home, which is why Taureans are not the ideal partners for them. Taurus tends to prefer stability and tranquility to the active social life of Leo. Likewise, Scorpios, who have a penchant for control, can make Leos feel confined, which can lead to friction in the relationship.


Best Partners: Cancer and Scorpio

Less compatible partners: Sagittarius and Gemini

Individuals born under the sign of Virgo are generally oriented towards usefulness and helping others. They tend to appreciate well-laid plans and can be perfectionists. People of this sign get along well with Scorpios, as both signs share an intellectual curiosity that stimulates their mutual interests.

Virgos and Scorpios are known for their shared humor and invaluable mutual support. Their compatibility can be attributed to many factors, but according to astrology, a Scorpio and a Virgo make a perfect couple. Virgos also harmonizes well with Cancers, as these two signs share a dedication to the relationship, an appreciation for commitment, and a valuing of trust above all else.

Virgos’ need for control, loyalty, and resistance to change can create conflict with Sagittarians, as this fire sign seeks change and is known for its impulsiveness. Additionally, Virgo’s tendency to judge others can hinder the free and fun-loving nature of Sagittarians and Gemini.


Best Partners: Leo and Sagittarius

Less compatible partners: Cancer and Capricorn

Libra is a charming, compassionate air sign who has a natural inclination to help others, sometimes even excessively. Individuals under this sign hate loneliness and enjoy meaningful conversations. This is why the social and talkative signs of Leo and Sagittarius are dream partners for Libra. Libra and Sagittarius’ repulsion for routine pushes them to experience new adventures and have fun together.

However, the need for freedom inherent in air signs can make Libra less compatible with Cancers. Libra’s insatiable quest for approval from others can sometimes cause them to be too accommodating and hide their true feelings, which can lead to conflict with Capricorns, who are known for their bluntness.


Best Partners: Virgo and Capricorn

Less compatible partners: Leo and Aquarius

Scorpio, as a water sign, is often associated with an image of intensity and intimidation, much like its namesake in nature. Although individuals of this sign don’t have the power to sting you with venom, they tend to scan for vulnerabilities.

In a relationship, a Scorpio longs to fully understand the person in their life. People born under this sign have high aspirations and are determined to achieve their goals, which makes them similar to career-oriented Capricorns.

Loyalty is a core value for Scorpios, which makes them compatible with Virgos. On the other hand, their desire for freedom and independence distances them from Aquarians. As a deeply emotional water sign, Scorpio is often seen as having an outlook on life tinged with pessimism, which can contrast with Leo’s constant optimism.


Best Partners: Libra and Aquarius

Less compatible partners: Virgo and Pisces

Sagittarians can rejoice because, in astrology, the signs of Libra and Sagittarius are considered one of the most compatible couples for this fire sign. Sagittarius is renowned for being the life of the party, with a propensity to frequently change interests and careers, and a passion for adventure and adrenaline. The charismatic personality and propensity for conversation of Libra and Sagittarians are a natural fit.

Additionally, Sagittarius gets along well with Aquarius, as these two signs share a core value of respecting individuality and freedom, which brings them together. This is why Sagittarius may not be in harmony with Virgo, as the latter tends to be more control-oriented. Pisces is also less compatible with Sagittarius, as the directness typical of this fire sign can sometimes offend Pisces’ sensitive emotions.


Best Partners: Scorpio and Pisces

Less compatible partners: Aries and Libra

If you have a friend in your group who stands out for her studious and responsible side, there is a good chance that she is a Capricorn. This earth sign is deeply driven by the desire for success and accomplishment, and individuals born under this sign share a respect for Scorpio’s passion for pursuing one’s dreams. Additionally, these two signs tend to be reserved when it comes to their emotions, which will make them agree to take things with caution.

Capricorn’s loyalty and love of stability attract Pisces but do not mesh well with a Libra. Aries are generally open about most things, especially in love, so Capricorn’s reluctance to be vulnerable can be a source of frustration early in a relationship.


Best Partners: Aries and Sagittarius

Less compatible partners: Taurus and Scorpio

Aquarius is known for its uniqueness, philosophical thinking, and free spirit. Sagittarians appreciate Aquarius’ open-mindedness toward philosophical ideas and appetite for deep conversations. Sagittarius, Aries, and Aquarius all share a social inclination, a propensity for conversation, and a desire for freedom, making them ideal complements for an Aquarius.

Individuals born under this sign are often considered to have a certain reluctance towards commitment, a characteristic that can irritate Taurus and Scorpios.


Best Partners: Taurus and Capricorn

Less compatible partners: Gemini and Sagittarius

Pisces, the last sign of the astrological calendar, is a water sign known for its romanticism and sensitivity. Individuals born under this sign thrive in a relationship with Taurus because of the latter’s loyalty and love for romance. Capricorn and Pisces also make a harmonious duo, as they share a common appreciation of stability and support each other in all aspects of life.

Even though Sagittarians and Gemini are mutable signs, meaning they are adaptive and flexible like Pisces, they are generally not compatible with this water sign. Sagittarius’ frankness may seem harsh to the more sensitive Pisces, and Gemini’s sociability may prove a little too intense for Pisces’ introverted personality.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility: What does it mean for two signs to be compatible?

Compatibility between two-star signs in a relationship can depend on many factors, such as career, lifestyle, values, ​​and interests. Before even addressing issues such as desires to have children or moral values, the personalities of the two individuals must harmonize so that the relationship can progress beyond the first date. However, even though two sun signs are supposed to get along according to astrology, this doesn’t necessarily guarantee a successful relationship.

Typically, the element each star sign belongs to can give clues about their compatibility. For example, fire and air signs tend to get along well, as do earth and water signs, as well as signs of the same element (e.g. fire with fire, water with water).

As the relationship evolves, star sign compatibility can also influence how each sign communicates and shares its values. Fire and air signs, for example, may have similar communication patterns and shared values. On the other hand, fire and earth signs may disagree on certain relationship issues.

Although astrological sign compatibility can provide some interesting insights, it should not be considered a hard and fast rule for determining relationship success. It is essential to understand each other as unique individuals, taking into account all the elements of your birth chart, including the sign of the sun, moon, rising, and Venus.

This deeper understanding can help identify the traits you want to improve to foster a healthy relationship. If you’re looking for an ideal partner, it can be helpful to look at the characteristics of compatible signs you’re attracted to, but keep an open mind to different possibilities.

Is it inevitable that relationships deemed “incompatible” based on astrological signs will fail?

If you’ve gone through the list of incompatible signs and are worried that your partner is on this list, don’t despair. It is important to remember that although some signs may be deemed more compatible than others, each individual is a complex and unique entity.

With understanding, flexibility, and a commitment to working on the relationship, it is entirely possible to have fulfilling relationships with partners of astrological signs considered less compatible. It’s about understanding and respecting individual needs while appreciating both shared traits and differences. The key to any romantic relationship, regardless of the signs involved, always lies in self-knowledge and self-love.

Zodiac Sign Compatibility: Is One Planet More Important for Love?

The question of whether one planet is more important than others when it comes to love is a complex one in astrology. Although this discussion has focused on compatibility between sun signs, it is essential not to neglect the importance of the other planets in your birth chart. By considering your entire birth chart, you and your partner can develop a more rewarding relationship, especially if you pay attention to the planet of love, Venus.

In astrology, Venus is associated with love, attraction, beauty, our values, and how we desire to connect with others. It also reflects our self-esteem, our self-confidence, and our openness to giving and receiving love. This highlights that love is a two-way interaction. However, this doesn’t mean you should completely neglect your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, as each of them can give you insight into your wants and needs in a relationship.

All planets can be expressed positively or negatively. Understanding the influences of each planet in your chart can help you improve and become the best version of yourself. For example, a person with Venus in Pisces may be very inclined to fall in love easily, to idealize their partner, and to be strongly affected when the relationship encounters difficulties. However, everyone has a choice in how to use these planetary influences. If, for example, a person with Venus in Pisces finds themselves daydreaming about a coworker while in a committed relationship, this may be a sign that they need to think about how to rekindle intimacy in their current relationship or to be honest about their feelings.

In short, in astrology, it is therefore important to take into account your entire birth chart to obtain a complete picture of your personality and your love needs, rather than focusing exclusively on a single planet.

What are the “Big 3”?

The “Big Three” is a term used in astrology to refer to the three main planets that help define our personality. These three key elements are the sun, moon, and ascendant, and they all play a significant role in making up our identity.

When exploring the complexity of compatibilities and incompatibilities between zodiac signs in the context of romantic relationships, it can be beneficial to look at these “Big Three” to better understand the notion of compatibility in astrology. Understanding the meanings associated with signs and planets, as well as their influence on your love life, can provide important insights.

Compatibility of zodiac signs and the sun sign

The sun sign is one of the most familiar elements in astrology, often the first one thinks of. There are 12 sun signs, and they reflect the way we behave and express ourselves. When we accept the characteristics of our Sun sign, we activate our “superpower.”

The 12 sun signs include:


When we think about our core identity and the most essential traits that define us, these characteristics are in harmony with our Sun sign. Our “energies” are aligned with the sun, which represents the source of energy for the world.

Our sun sign reveals our desires, our sense of identity and individuality, and how we interact with the world. It is, in a way, the overall “flavor” of our existence.

Zodiac sign compatibility: Moon sign

When it comes to the moon sign, it governs our emotions and how we express them. The moon embodies our deepest emotional self, our feelings, our emotional needs, and how we seek to be emotionally nourished and to nourish others in return.

Human relationships are largely influenced by emotions, and the moon sign plays an essential role in communicating and strengthening bonds with others. In the context of relationships, our partner’s moon sign holds great importance in translating their love language, accessing their emotional depth, meeting their needs in the relationship, and guiding us on how to get closer to them. Understanding each person’s moon sign is crucial for developing emotional intimacy and strengthening connections.

A major distinction between Sun signs and Moon signs is that the Sun sign manifests externally, while the Moon sign remains more internal, influencing our internal dialogues and reflections. The moon sign speaks of our emotional universe, our emotional needs, and the search for emotional security.

Compatibility of zodiac signs and the ascendant sign

The rising sign, often called the ascendant, is what determines how others perceive you. It’s a bit like a cape or mask that we wear frequently. This is the role we play in the great theater of life, but it does not represent the totality of the complexity that makes us who we are!

The rising sign embodies the archetype that guides our desires and goals as we interact with the world and the people around us. It is the interface or door through which we approach life and everything outside of us. Inside each of us are entire universes, contradictions, depths, directions, and much more. Expressing the entirety of this in our environment at every moment would be simply impossible, if not overwhelming.

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