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Zodiac signs that are not good to argue with: Gemini has a response to everything

There are people who can keep their cool no matter how much you try to annoy them. But there are also people with whom it is not good to argue: don’t forget and don’t forgive!
In the middle of a dispute, when you feel that no argument is enough, you realize that whatever you say, you will not be able to make yourself understood. Your words and gestures seem to hit a wall, the tension rises to dangerous heights, the pulse increases as if you were running up a mountain. If you had known that it would come to this and that you would not get anything good out of this argument, you would have given up from the start, wouldn’t you?
However, how can you know this from the beginning? The stars can help you here – these are the zodiac signs you shouldn’t argue with:


Scorpios manifest very intensely for a reason. Ruled by Mars (you know, the god of war), don’t hesitate to hit you where it hurts.

They are not insensitive, but people end up revealing their weak points, fears and secrets, and if someone steps on their tail, they counterattack by hitting exactly the sensitive points.


Before you realize where the dispute will end, the Gemini native already knows what he is talking about. He rarely gets into an argument without being prepared, but even if he doesn’t fully master the issue that caused the conflict, he knows how to assert himself because he sees things from your perspective and knows your approach. He will make you feel ridiculous, because he has an answer for everything.


Like Scorpio, this sign is also ruled by Mars. And it shows. You don’t want to argue with an Aries, because his temper flares up easily. His anger can explode and he can be intimidating. He gets angry quickly and can calm down just as easily, but it won’t be easy for you to get over it and you don’t even know what to say anymore. Aries can be quite unpredictable.


Another zodiac sign that is not good to date. He knows everything about you and doesn’t hesitate to stick the blade deep where it hurts the most if he thinks it’s necessary. He can easily intimidate you with his relative and annoying calmness. If he has formed an opinion and managed to settle on a position, then he knows that he is right and does not hesitate to argue with you until the white cloths.


It is an understanding sign, but it can also be harsh when judging certain aspects. She is not afraid to tell you exactly what she thinks and why she is 100% convinced that you are wrong. Like Gemini, Aquarius is able to put himself in your place, and in his mind he has already played the role of the devil’s advocate to detect and destroy your arguments.

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