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Zodiac Signs Who Can’t Take Criticism

The use of knowledge of astrology in everyday life was invented by our ancestors in very ancient times. Rock paintings, drawings on papyrus, and signs in the pyramids have given us a huge heritage, sometimes still undeciphered.

Zodiac Signs Who Can’t Take Criticism

The stars and planets can provide answers to many questions. Today we want to use their tips to find out how people born under different zodiac signs react to criticism.


They always strive for perfection, therefore they perceive criticism as an opportunity to improve something in themselves, in their work, and relationships.


The first reaction can be harsh because Taurus doubts the competence of the critic. But having cooled down a little, they are quite capable of accepting the correctness of the remarks.


They will calmly respond to criticism and begin to correct themselves, as they are just waiting to be given feedback on their actions.


If the critic has good intentions, then Cancers feel it and are ready to listen calmly. Otherwise, all negative words can not even be uttered.


When Leos ask you to speak up about the shortcomings in their work, then do it honestly. If there is nothing to ask, then it is better to remain silent – it means that you are not ready for criticism yet.


Negative feedback surprises Virgo and hurts in the most vulnerable place – these perfectionists have everything checked out to the gram! They just won’t believe you.


May become defensive in response to criticism. The only option in which they perceive it is when it is said in a benevolent manner.


Getting into an argument with a critic is a normal Scorpio position. But it is better not to do this, otherwise, you can agree to change your beliefs.


They see their mistakes, learn from them and move on. They don’t need external advisers. So is criticism.


As lovers of perfection to infinity, Capricorns begin to ask everyone questions about their projects, asking for criticism. They will listen to it and write it down.


They perceive criticism as a normal assessment of their work without personal attachment.


They perceive the slightest remarks in their address very painfully, they can “lay low” and survive for several days.

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