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15 Bitter Truths About Scorpios: So, Scorpios, Are You Ready?

15 bitter truths about Scorpios: So, Scorpios, are you ready? If you have ever been in a relationship with a Scorpio, then you know that it is both easy and hard at the same time. And much more than with representatives of other signs. As one of the water signs, Scorpio has a very deep, ocean-like personality. And, like water, it is very easily exposed to various environmental factors. Often it is impossible to understand at all what is happening inside. As a bright and energetic personality, Scorpio can give you the worst or best memories of your life. And which ones – depends on your behavior.

Scorpio is considered to be the sexiest sign in the entire zodiac. They are influenced by Mars and Pluto. But no matter how wonderful these people are, building relationships with them is not easy. If you’ve dated someone like that or are dating now, you probably know that they have a dark side. If you want to know what she is like or is planning to meet with Scorpio shortly, read on.

15 Bitter Truths About Scorpios:

1. He’s sexier than anyone you’ve met before.

Don’t even try to resist his erotic magnetism. You just won’t succeed, and you’ll make a fool of yourself. It’s in his blood, resistance is useless. Remember for the future that in a relationship he wants to dominate. So most likely, if you are attracted to a strange guy with a beard and dressed like a hipster who sleeps on a newspaper in the subway, then there is a high chance that he is a Scorpio. And just amazing in bed.

2. In a relationship, Scorpio is the controlling dominant.

Scorpio is simply obsessed with control. He is ready to do anything to get what he wants. This position gives him a high position. And it is quite justified, as he copes with responsibility.

And even in those moments when it seems to you that he is not in control of the situation, this is not so. They just pretend until there is an opportunity to put you in your place again. So don’t relax.

3. Scorpios always win.

They are distinguished by stubbornness and strong will. And the ability to manipulate. Hardly anyone is more manipulative than Scorpios. If you want your team to win, make sure it has a Scorpio on it. They know what they want, what they deserve, and how to get it. And they will do everything in their power, stopping at nothing. Even in front of other people’s feelings.

4. They value privacy.

They like to keep secrets to themselves. And it takes a lot of work to get it open. They greatly appreciate the safety of their personal lives in secret and hate when someone climbs into it. If you’re in a relationship with someone who doesn’t yell about it all over Facebook, it’s not because they’re cheating or just a weirdo. It’s because he doesn’t want people sticking their noses into other people’s business.

And Scorpios are like that, only twice as much in their minds. Therefore, if your partner does not maintain pages on social networks or locks his diary in a hidden safe, then there is a high probability that this Scorpio is guarding his personal space. And in the name of All that is Holy, do not go there without an invitation!

5. Scorpios are keen observers.

They want to know everything about you, down to the little things that you didn’t know about yourself. They like to observe both up close and from afar. Then they form their conclusions and check their validity from time to time.

They are born detectives and therefore very curious. Open up to him. Otherwise, he will always rely only on his opinion about you. Not knowing what to expect from you. And it’s not very comfortable. Let him watch.

6. They are drawn to darkness.

Scorpios are extremely passionate about the dark side of reality. In some cases, even comes to necrophilia. Scorpios are known for their passion for everything grotesque, for death, horror, and night. Supernatural and even sometimes occult.

It seems that such things intrigue them. And that makes them more interesting. Exceeding our expectations and opinions, they stand out for their wild imagination, drawing strength from the dark corners of the human soul and beyond.

7. Scorpio humor has a pronounced tinge of sarcasm.

Sometimes they think badly of them because they think things are funny where laughter is inappropriate. But don’t blame them for it. Instead, be glad that at least someone was able to find something good in this horror. It makes it much easier to accept it and move on with it.

Their ability to joke even in the most serious situations helps them stand out from the crowd. Looks like Chandler from Friends. So the next time you hear him having fun in hard and sad times, try not to take everything too personally.

8. The opinions of others are completely irrelevant to them.

Familiar when someone says they don’t care what they think of them or what they say or do? Well, Scorpio means it. He belongs to himself, and he feels great about this. And the opinions of others do not affect him in any way.

He will do what makes him happy. And what makes it better? He will not stop to listen to what the world says and thinks about him but will continue to move towards the goal.

9. They are honest to the point of being rude.

Already someone who, and this one will not hide the bitter truth from you. Even though sometimes he manages to overdo it. After all, in the end, everything is only for the better in the long run. If you ask him to tell the truth, he is not going to stand on ceremony. It might sting a little. But, don’t they say that the truth hurts the eyes?

10. They are a bit of a psychic.

They prefer to rely on their intuition and foreboding. And they can get out of themselves. It all depends on who is around and how he behaves. They also have a bunch of traits that make them more interesting than their partner. They can sometimes predict the future, relying on the intuition and skill of the observer. So he will often anticipate what’s on your mind before you even say it.

This may also be due to his good memory. He remembers everything and everyone. This gives them a sense of control. Just deal with it. But do not expect that he will use this power to show you tricks.

11. They are amazingly loyal and fiercely protective of those they love.

If you tell him that you were offended, robbed, or humiliated, then do not be surprised if he hugs you, finds all those who hurt you, and destroys everything that these insolent people love As mentioned above, Scorpios have a fiery temper and it shows in everything they do.

The same applies to matters of the heart. They are loyal with the same fervor with which they protect loved ones from harm. They will sacrifice themselves and their interests for this. Even those in which they firmly believe. All for the sake of family. Love is extremely important to Scorpio. It is the same invisible force that drives him. So, if suddenly you are thinking of cheating on someone like that, then know that they just hate it when their loyalty is taken for granted. And he will go out of his way to make you feel completely guilty about how badly you did.

12. They are very resourceful, though cautious.

This is one of the best character traits of a Scorpio. He will make both a good friend and a great lover. If you call asking them to come in the middle of the night, they will. No questions. And they won’t even blame you for it. They are also very sensitive and careful about the secrets of others. Therefore, people begin to trust them from the very first seconds And all because Scorpio believes that it is below his dignity – to walk and reveal other people’s secrets.

Since they value their privacy very much and know how frustrating it is when someone invades it, they will not violate the boundaries of others. Their caution and delicacy just will not allow it. And they have a very good memory, so do not salt them. They won’t forget. Like all the secrets you told them. And they can swim to the surface at any moment. Do not abuse the tact of Scorpio.

13. Scorpions have, so to speak, a built-in lie detector.

They have an excellent memory and the ability to calculate lies in any situation. So, if you want a good relationship with one of them, then forget about lying. Even about lies for the good, because he will still know and understand everything.

You will only piss them off. And it’s better not to piss them off. Anger easily takes possession of them completely and in the end, something will happen that you both regret. Betraying and lying is not good anyway, especially about Scorpios.

14. Scorpios can be very cunning.

They can be very vengeful and will almost certainly destroy you if you do something bad to them. As a skilled manipulator, Scorpio knows with what force and where to hit, so that it hurts a lot, in response to your attack, even if in the distant past. They remember grievances for a long time.

15. They know how to treat their loved ones and not only.

Don’t think that he will be nice to you even when you are not nice to him. Do not think also that he will easily forgive betrayal, lies, or condemnation. Since Scorpios love to go deep into reflection and observation, they know exactly how you deserve to be treated, given all that you have done.

They treat others exactly as they deserve This makes them stand out from the environment. But this does not mean that he will abuse this ability of his. Most likely, he will just let you know how much (or vice versa) you deserve and why.

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