Zodiac Signs



March 21st to April 19th
On the day dedicated to relaxation, the Moon is in a positive aspect for you Aries… You can start something new this weekend. There will be opportunities to show others that you are capable of bringing good news to everyone’s life. You are charismatic.


20 April to 20 May
On the day of rest, a disharmonious lunar aspect continues for Taurus. You seem to know everything. One person, in particular, will feel left out by your slightly elitist ways. You have to recover the modesty of your sign. A lovely person is likely to drift away.


21 May to 21 June
An advantageous aspect of the nocturnal star continues, for your Air sign, on this day. It’s a Sunday in which you need to be heard by someone you have a particular liking for. You will be able to find the words to show that you are not like everyone else!


22 June to 22 July
For you Cancers, the Moon, your patron star, is in the House of economies, on the day dedicated to relaxation. With relatives, there will be a good understanding. You will be able to talk about a fact that was considered taboo in the past but is now being questioned again, much to your curiosity.


23 July to 22 August
This Thursday, for you Leos, a positive position of our satellite continues! Relatives you meet on this day would find you very communicative and would rely on you to share information that will soon prove profitable.


23 August to 22 September
On this day, Virgo, the nocturnal star is in the astrological House of Hidden Adversity… Be careful not to be too generous to someone who hasn’t yet shown that they deserve it. Your goodwill may be misplaced. Be more circumspect.


23 September to 22 October
A favorable aspect of the Moon continues, for your Air sign, on the day of rest… You have a lot of energy. If you’ve been feeling sluggish lately, get a move on, because there’s an opportunity to start something physically interesting! Sport awaits you.


23 October to 21 November
On this day, a tiring aspect of the Moon persists for Scorpio. Someone important to you finds you snooty. You’re indeed above average in so many ways these days, but you don’t have to let others weigh you down! Beware of moments of unnecessary jealousy.


November 22nd to December 21st
On the day of rest, for you Sagittarius, the nocturnal star is still in a pleasant transit. Continue a period in which you do not go unnoticed. Family members will think that you are more communicative than usual, while a person you like physically will think that he wants to spend more time with you.


22 December to 19 January
On the day dedicated to rest, the Moon is, for your Earth sign, always in the astrological house of change… Pay attention to all the signs that present themselves to you: there is an opportunity to get to know an individual better at least interesting, which presents beautiful particularities.


20 January to 18 February
For your Air sign, a dissonant aspect of the Moon persists on rest day… On this Sunday, you risk arguing with someone who has known you for a long time but who, lately, has been struggling to feel truly willing to listen. We need more empathy!


19 February to 21 March
For you Pisces, the night star is in the House of daily life. The energies are at good levels and allow you to spend a Sunday in which you can feel like a protagonist. Eros has undoubtedly interesting moments, especially for those who have a stable partner!

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