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3 Most Evil Signs Of The Zodiac

Small dirty tricks – this is often said about people from whom you can expect unexpected actions out of the blue, as they say. And it seems that you have known a person for a long time and try not to conflict, but it is very difficult to predict what this time could be a reason for dirty tricks.

This type of behavior is also affected by the constellation under which such a “hero” was born. What signs of the zodiac occupy such a pedestal?

3 most evil signs of the zodiac


Closed, as if they are always in their “mink”, the representatives of this sign are very unpredictable in their actions. Therefore, they should not be provoked even by careless words. Be especially careful if you are going to criticize them.

They do not perceive any attacks in their direction. And for the sake of protection, they are ready to leave their “shelter”, and then you will not be in trouble.


The zodiac sign provides the dual nature of these representatives, so be prepared for a sharp mood swing. Let it not calm you down that 5 minutes ago you laughed merrily together. Now your interlocutor is gloomy, looks frowningly, and cannot explain what caused this. A sure sign – expect dirty tricks! Unless, of course, you leave in time.


The craving for balance and harmony in Libra is expressed in a very unpleasant form – the inability to make decisions and constant fluctuations. This makes them harmful interlocutors, ready to drag you into this pool of indecision. But even a joint decision can turn against you if everything does not go smoothly. Be afraid of being accused and embroiled in a scandal.

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