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What Are The Astrological Signs That Hate Christmas?

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No, not everyone loves the festive atmosphere at the end of the year. There are even some who can’t stand the holiday season and imagine that we know their astrological signs.

The Advent calendars on the supermarket shelves invariably make them moan. The light decorations in the streets give them pimples, the sound of the bells gives them palpitations, and believe us, when they say “it smells like a tree”, they are not talking about Christmas. While some star signs are at their most excessive at Christmas in terms of just about everything, others will barely tolerate yet another album of festive pop. We give you the exclusive list of the three signs that are intolerant or even allergic to the magic of Christmas.


Of all the astrological signs, Virgo is the one who has service in his blood. Born during the grain sorting and back-to-school period, Virgo natives are helpful and organized. Sometimes a little too much. They are so willing to be helpful to others that we too often take their kindness for granted. When this is not the case, their perfectionism and their reluctance to delegate sometimes cause them to take all the weight of the mental load on their shoulders. So yes, inevitably, they are the ones who think in advance about the gifts (and who wrap them), the decoration, the New Year’s Eve menu, the cookies, the annual gingerbread house… In short, with a thousand details they make Christmas a magical celebration for their loved ones. Since Christmas and the stressed temperament of helpful Virgos rarely go well together, beware of the (major) fatigue that awaits Virgos under the tree.


If someone says “Christmas” to you, you might think of glitter, mulled wine, and cheesy TV movies. Capricorns think of “financial abyss and budgetary challenge”. It’s not that they don’t like to have fun and aren’t sensitive to the magic of Christmas, but it costs them. Literally: their energy, their time, and above all their precious savings. However, you may tell us, this is a sign of the Christmas and New Year period. But the real sign of Christmas is that of its anticipation: the joyful and excessive Sagittarius. Capricorn is all about pragmatism and responsibilities: in short, post-end-of-year austerity. His planet is austere Saturn, the one that sets the rules and distributes the pitfalls (of Christmas) to help us grow. She is more “Father Fouettard” than “Santa Claus”. As an astrological consequence of all this, Capricorn natives and their fear of missing out fear each year this hole in their projected budget over twenty years. To spread out expenses, they are the type to start in July. And don’t tell them about the New Year.


Natives of the Amphora sign were born under the influence of Uranus. Planet of changes, she is often considered the visionary and rebel of the sky. Imagine the star bending over the cradle of Aquarius to give them their eccentricity, the critical and protesting spirit but above all the need for commitment that corresponds to their ideals. It is more difficult for these confessed utopians to ignore their values, even at Christmas. They struggle to enjoy the holidays and only think about the ethical cost of this end-of-year, animal suffering as well as the human and ecological consequences of overconsumption. Disadvantage: they self-censor a lot during the holidays. So as not to trigger yet another family argument over foie gras toast. Advantage, they are the ones who campaign with their families for a vegetarian Christmas menu, second-hand gifts, or reusable fabric packaging. Advice for loved ones of Aquarius: check if these glitters are biodegradable before scattering them on the New Year’s Eve table.

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