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3 Most Unreliable Zodiac Signs

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Every woman wants to see a strong, confident, self-sufficient man next to her. He doesn’t have to be Apollo on the outside and the Hulk on the inside, but he does need to be some sort of protection and support. Some men are endowed with this very nature, while others, on the contrary, are very far from the ideal of a reference man.

Astrologers identify the three most unreliable signs of the zodiac, which are sometimes called “rags” and not men.

3 most unreliable zodiac signs


Often, Cancers are wonderful family men. When necessary, they will sit with the children, cook dinner, and go to the mother-in-law to help. At the same time, their biggest drawback is indecision, uncertainty, and softness.

Cancers are very attached to their mothers, so do not be surprised if the word of the mother (albeit sometimes absurd) will always be law for him. Despite the abundance of positive qualities, the wife of Cancer can rarely admit that life with him is like behind a stone wall.


Libra – smart, reasonable, sensible. They are wonderful friends and comrades, you will never get bored with them. But only a strong woman who will put a lot of effort into him can get along with such a husband. She will have to motivate him to act.

The Libra man is often lazy. He’s easier said than done. Libras often use in their speech the statement that happiness is not in money, thus justifying their un-ambitiousness and laziness.

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Pisces are men soaring in the clouds. In their thoughts, they are successful, accomplished, and have strong personalities. But it takes a lot of effort and time to make these dreams come true. For this reason, it is easier for Pisces to get along with a strong woman who will “pull” the whole family on her. And he will continue to dream about the incredible because dreams must come true someday!

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and all of the above may not be present in your chosen one. If he realized his weaknesses and decided to overcome them once and for all, then his tongue would not turn out to be called a rag!

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