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What Is The Astrological Sign That Hides Its Feelings The Most?

He is not the type to share what is on his heart and even less to launch into big declarations. This astrological sign prefers to remain silent rather than say “I love you” to the right person. Decryption.

There was Piaf’s “I’m in My Skin”, Céline Dion’s “I Still Love You”, Birkin and Gainsbourg’s “Je time moi non Plus” and more recently Sagazan’s Zaho Croons’s “So Tell me, tell me, tell me that you love me”. Yes, love, true love, has given us the most beautiful words of French music. If in some people, feelings resonate and are shared verbally, others would prefer to die rather than confess what is in their hearts. Do you find this surprising? Not them! These “three little words, seven letters” as Blair Waldorf calls them in Gossip Girl are sometimes too intense, too difficult to explain, too confidential and personal.

In astrology, we agree that each sign has its way of saying “I love you”. However, one of the twelve knights of the zodiac seems to be missing… As you can never count on Taurus to return to his ex, you cannot hope that the one whose name we will not keep quiet will never tell you how much he cares about you. Love? An overrated concept he barely believes in. Yes, you are not dreaming! There is indeed an astrological sign that hates sharing its feelings.


If everyone has their way of seducing and their charm, the signs of the zodiac all have a different relationship to feelings. Cancer lives only for sweetness and does not skimp on compliments to those he loves, Pisces secretly dreams of a beautiful romance and makes it understood through his caresses, and Gemini does not hesitate to send messages and love pics in the form of humor. Libra waits for the other to make statements before saying “Thank you, me too”. Aries plays it more head-on and relies on its frankness when Taurus prepares a picnic for you by the fire to tell you how much he cares for you in complete privacy. Some prefer lively exchanges, others focus on small touches, thinking that words fly away, but actions remain.

Amid all this excitement, the wave of cosmic love seems to have forgotten to carry away Virgo, who, as a good Earth sign, can be difficult to open up to others. A solitary type, she does not open up easily. Which doesn’t necessarily make her easy to seduce. She prefers reason to feelings, the marriage contract to the concept of exchanging vows. We are exaggerating the point, but Virgo is one of those who likes to be discreet about what her heart feels. So you will never hear him pour out his feelings or share his emotions on the pillow. However, she will know how to listen, protect others, and advise them. This is his way of loving: you remember that you have an appointment at 3 p.m. with the doctor and that you must complete this file in two days and not in three years. Yes, managing your schedule and sharing a PowerPoint with the 50 things to do, see, and try during your romantic vacation is proof of his attachment. To hell with what people will say! But if you think Virgo is the worst astrological sign in terms of relationships, just wait until you find out how Capricorn has mastered the art of hiding his feelings…


Born under the influence of Saturn, a planet of order, rules, stability, and laws, Capricorn is the most pragmatic sign of the zodiac. Often very Cartesian, he considers that everything must have an explanation, a reason, and a purpose. This is one of the reasons why he sees feelings as something uncertain, if not unstable. Not having control over what his heart may feel, he prefers to omit this “slight detail” rather than allowing himself to be carried away by desire and passion. He then suffered from the reputation of a killjoy or a “heart of stone”. Never allowing himself to be overwhelmed by feelings, he even hates outpourings of affection.

If it’s hard to imagine him saying “I love you”, it’s mainly because Capricorn hates promising things lightly. Extremely loyal and above all ready to do anything to keep his word, he often prefers to remain silent. At least, until he is sure of the commitment he is making. In love, he needs to observe and test the person before granting his trust. For him, nothing is more hateful than someone who lies or worse, who cheats. So, faced with such poetic and romantic situations, Capricorn has difficulty knowing where to place themselves. Where to start? How can you be sure of the terms of the trust contract? Where is the dispute hiding? He needs to tuck everything in before he can take the plunge. While this may seem austere, in reality, this tendency to hide one’s feelings is similar to a way of protecting oneself. Capricorn, often considered demanding, sometimes lacks self-confidence. The future scares him, changes, and the unknown too. Problem: These are the three most exciting things about a relationship. When he feels reassured enough to understand how good it can be to step out of his comfort zone and dive into romance, he will reveal a whole new side of himself. More tender, gentler, more loving. It’s like this: with Capricorn, a compliment or an “I love you” is earned!

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