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5 Most Aggressive Men According To The Sign Of The Zodiac. Who Are They?

Each representative of the stronger sex expresses negative emotions in their way. Therefore, it is useful for women to know what to expect from a particular fan to avoid serious conflict situations. And some of them are better to stay away from!

Astrologers have named the top 5 most aggressive men according to the zodiac signs, who find it extremely difficult to hide their anger.

5 Most Aggressive Men According to the Zodiac Sign

5th place: Taurus

The representative of this sign can bring any girl to a nervous breakdown. The most interesting thing is that Taurus does not plan to let her go free!

4th place: Sagittarius

These men do not just like to shake their nerves – they get real pleasure from it! Over and over again, suppressing the personality of the chosen one, Sagittarius increases his “Ego”.

3rd place: Scorpio

Scorpions love and know how to sting, and their bites are very poisonous. These men are real aggressors, but their anger is very selective and extends only to enemies.

2nd place: Aries

Men of this zodiac sign are emotional, and quick-tempered and do not tolerate comments addressed to them. Do not try to criticize your beloved Aries, otherwise, you will have to forget about a quiet life!

1st place: Leo

With any Leo man, you need to communicate very carefully. This king of beasts is used to controlling everyone who is nearby. Those who do not justify his trust, he is ready to tear it apart!

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