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How To Choose A Wallet To Attract Money According To Your Zodiac Sign

It is believed that money is more likely to go into a wallet whose color is in harmony with the elements of the Zodiac Sign. The chosen wallet should evoke positive emotions and be used constantly, then it will never be empty.

How to choose a wallet to attract money


Purses in gold, green, and brown shades are suitable for purposeful Aries. They should leave their choice to large rectangular wallets. A talisman that you should put in your chosen wallet will help you attract money.


Representatives of this constellation should give preference to a simple, discreet wallet to slightly smooth out the strong energy of their Sign. Muted green and dark brown shades will help attract monetary abundance into your life. Clutches and purses are an ideal choice for men and women.


Cheerful Geminis will suit wallets in purple, grey, green, and yellow. They will be combined with the cheerful temperament of this Sign and will attract money. Women should pay attention to rectangular and rounded shapes of wallets, and men – to square ones.


Cancers are reasonable and wise, but overly emotional and receptive. They should choose a wallet with a calming shade because, in a calm state, Cancers can quickly solve financial difficulties. White, silver, platinum, or blue colors are preferred, as is a folding rectangular shape.


It will not be difficult for energetic Leos to attract money, because they feel the money energy. A red, black, and yellow wallet will help with this.

Rectangular and roomy wallets in these shades will never be empty.


Purses in blue, purple, and green shades will help Virgos attract financial energy. Simple and laconic forms with bright accents in the form of an ornament, an intricate pattern, or decorative decoration will help preserve and increase finances.


Harmonious Libras sometimes need incentives to move forward. Wallets in white, green, beige, and blue will suit them.

Bright rectangular, round, or square-shaped wallets will help increase savings and find new sources of income.


Scorpios are often the center of attention, and have strong energy, but are often unrestrained. A burgundy, gray, or yellow wallet will help them balance their strong energy.

The wallet should be roomy but compact, so a folding form is preferable.


Active Sagittarius should take a closer look at colors that will balance turbulent energy and restore internal balance. Purses in blue, purple, and black will suit them.

In addition, you can put a good luck talisman in your wallet, which will help you avoid troubles and find ways to make good money.


Original black, green, and blue wallets will suit hardworking Capricorns. You can put a stone corresponding to your Zodiac Sign inside your wallet so that it attracts money and repels failures.


Romantic Aquarians can attract prosperity if they choose wallets in azure, white, and silver shades.

The most successful classic design. To charge your wallet with financial energy, you can use money whispers.


Wise Pisces will suit calm colors: silver, blue, gray, and white. A rectangular or square shape would be preferable, and for the wallet to attract monetary abundance, you should put a fish figurine in it.

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