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6 signs that look down on others

Regardless of the times we live in, there will always be someone who thinks they are better than someone else. That will never change!

There are some zodiac signs that think they are better than others precisely because they are insecure. If they believed in themselves, they wouldn’t feel the need to make anyone feel stupid or inferior.

They look down on those around them because they want to scare them, and make them think they are the best. But, to act in such a manner is only an unconscious display of fear.

  • Signs that look down on others


Aries is the zodiac sign that strongly believes that it is the best.

He is extremely sure of himself and cannot find fault, so when he treats others from above, he does not do it out of malice, but with an unshakable belief in himself. Unfortunately, his approach is not an easily digestible one.


Snobs by nature, Geminis seek the finer things in life. Unfortunately, once they find them, everything else or other people start to seem below them. It is something common to hear from their mouth that you are not their nose!


Not only does Leo tend to make other people feel bad, but he draws attention to it by putting on quite a show.

He doesn’t care to mess with those around him and, more often than not, he gets attached to their appearance.


Virgo has grand personal goals, which are usually achieved behind the backs of others. Unfortunately, she never gets what she wants on her own, thus getting frustrated and bitter. Because of this, she becomes naughty and nagging toward others.


Scorpio’s goal is to treat others with contempt.

Regardless of the situation, a Scorpio will always find a way to lead others. Moreover, it is in his character to offend those around him quite often and for a long time, but, fortunately, he will not get away with it every time.


In the mind of Sagittarius, there is no better being than him. He has an extremely visible superiority complex. Through everything he does, he wants to prove that others are beneath him!

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