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How Many Children Should You Have According To Your Zodiac Sign?

This is a subject that will interest all future mothers.

Before you imagine yourself in the parenting role, you hope to find the perfect partner.

Indeed, you want a man who has the same desires as you, in terms of family.

If you don’t want to have children, you can’t marry someone who dreams of a large family, can you?

On the other hand, if you want to have children, you don’t want someone afraid of parenthood.

Also, you don’t want just any type of father by your side.

You want someone who understands the importance of this role and is ready to commit 100%.

Whether it’s diaper changes, homework, or life lessons.

Once you have found your ideal partner, you wonder how many children you should have.

Well, astrology can answer that question.

Indeed, depending on your astrological sign, the stars have their idea.

So, let’s take a look together.

PS: I’ll tell you if they were right for me!


March 21 – April 19

You were born to be a warrior mom with a big tribe!

Three, four, or even more…

For what?

Well, for starters, they’re a little impulsive.

They fall in love with their first baby and can’t stop.

But that doesn’t scare them, because they were born under a fighting zodiac sign.

So they have everything they need to meet the challenges of parenthood.

You are a powerful and confident woman.

You are independent, but also a bit of a diva.

So you understand that you have to separate your own life from your family life.

Plus, you want your kids to have a life of their own when they grow up, so there’s little chance you’ll become a helicopter parent.


April 20 – May 20

You were born to be a very serious mother of two children!

According to the stars, you should have two children with a small age difference.

You are patient and caring, which is a great quality for caring for young children.

Two kids are enough for you, more than that means you could be overwhelmed.

When it comes to parenting, you know how to mix fun and responsibility.

You are serious when needed.

You tell your kids to look twice before crossing the road and they will.

But when they reach the other side, you can relax and have fun.

You hold on firmly to the ground but are not afraid to occasionally jump in the mud with the children.

Luckily for your family, you are a wise spending mom.

Besides, you will educate your children to respect authority and to behave well.


May 21 – June 21

You were born to be the unpredictable mom to a set of twins.

Geminis have two faces and a lot of love for all things dual.

You are caring and like to encourage ingenuity in your children.

Your children will be the first to read and know the alphabet.

However, don’t let your impatience get the better of you.

Your kids know there will never be a dull moment with you.

You are a complex person and often have different opinions about the same thing.

On the one hand, you will be very strict about the food your children eat, but also completely relaxed about the type of music they listen to.

You are certainly not a traditional mother, but your children will love your passion and your joie de vivre.


June 22 – July 22

You were born to be the devoted mother of two children!

You are the mother of the zodiac, you have an innate maternal instinct and a love for parenthood.

You’re the mother of all your friends, and sometimes it feels like you were born to be a mother.

You value your home and your family ties, so no one will be surprised if you decide to dedicate your life solely to your children.

However, you can be prone to mood swings, which is why the stars suggest a few years between your children.

Right from the start, you will have a deep connection with your children.

You will want to be very involved in their lives and you will be committed to building a happy and healthy home for them.


July 23 – August 22

Every lioness needs her cubs, so you were born to be a loving mother to a large family!

Multitasking is something that comes naturally to you and you are also very patient.

You have a natural maternal instinct that will override your need for independence.

You will also pass on your independence to your children.

Moreover, you are a passionate person, so you will be the same in your role as a mother.

You will proudly raise successful, capable children.

Your children will be inspired by your success and will want to imitate you in life.


August 23 – September 22

You were born to be the sweet mom of a child!

Honestly, you know that you can get anxious and overly stressed in certain situations.

It would be no different in parenthood.

You should have a child to whom you can completely devote yourself.

You will appreciate and shower love and attention on your child.

You like having order in your life.

On the other hand, you know how to be completely relaxed, and you know how to relax when playing with children.

You are the brain, so sometimes it can be difficult for you to spend all day with a developing little being.

But motherhood is a journey full of adventure and wisdom.

You will get to where you need to be!


September 23 – October 23

You were born to be the balanced mother of two, four, or six children!

Libra loves balance, fairness, and equality.

These things are so important to you that the stars think you can have a different number of children.

You are also a person open to adoption because your compassion is limitless.

The desire for balance will determine your parenting style.

You will seek a quiet place in the maternity ward, even when there is chaos around you.

When children come into your life, you become organized and stick to the schedule.

You will love investing in your children.

You will enjoy helping and organizing their lives.


October 24 – November 22

You were born to be the eccentric mom of two!

Scorpio loves the idea of ​​raising a whole army of kids, and stars agree you’d be perfect for the job.

You are a capricious sign, but that only means that you will have enough love for all your children.

You always need to be around those you love.

When it comes to parenting, you can be a little eccentric.

Your moods often change, and children won’t always know whether to stay close to you or run away.

However, you are always there to protect their backs.


November 23 – December 22

You were born to be the adventurous mother of a child!

A Sagittarius woman is seen by the stars with a child, but she may not even want to be a mother.

Don’t get me wrong, these moms are awesome.

However, due to their adventurous nature, they find it difficult to stay in one place and may struggle to cope with the demands of motherhood.

If you decide to take your child around the world with you, your child will have the best childhood.

You are a free spirit, so you will have to adapt a lot when you become a mother.

You like to live in the moment, act impulsively and trust your instincts.

Raising a child takes a lot of energy and time, so you have to be honest and admit that you are ready to commit.

But if you decide to be a mother, your child will be happy with a mother like you.

PS: as promised, I tell you if the stars are right for me! I was born on November 30 and I have three children! Ouch! Does that explain why I spend my time running and screaming! ????


December 23 – January 20

You were born to be a super mom of three!

This sign can do just about anything!

Seriously, like you’re from another world.

It will not be a problem for you to raise three children with a small age difference, manage the household and do your job.

Don’t worry, in a very short time, your children will help you.

Just as Cancer is a maternal sign, Capricorn is a fatherly sign, which will influence your parenting style.

You are a commander who loves structure and power.

It means you’re not afraid to apply the rules and teach your kids tough lessons.

It doesn’t mean you can’t be emotional or don’t have a feminine side, it just means you understand that parenthood is hard work, but someone has to do it.


January 21 – February 19

You were born to be the adaptable mother of a child!

You love adventure and imagination.

You have a childish energy within you that prevents you from adapting to motherhood.

The stars think you’d be better off with a kid you could commit to without losing your imaginative side.

You are curious about everything and you will try all the tricks to see what works best for you and the baby.

With all this experimentation, you will be comfortable in your role.

You will support your child if they want to become an actor, scientist, or teacher and you will be ready to learn everything you need to know.

You will be devoted, but you will give the child the freedom he needs.


February 20 – March 20

You were born to be the warm mother of five children!


You are filled with emotions and cannot wait for the time when you will take care of your family and guide your children through life.

When it comes to parenting, you’re warm, but also a bit of a perfectionist.

All moms will be jealous of you!

You are a mother who will follow the latest fashion trends but will provide her children with a warm home full of love.

Compassionate and elegant, you will be a role model for your children.

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