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Restraint. You may need to rethink your weekend plans this week. The holidays are over, and it’s time to return to the sinful earth with its worries and problems. A banal lack of money may force a change of intentions. Or will you feel that it is worth cutting back on the diet that has developed during the winter holidays and returning to the usual volumes of food? In any case, it is worth proceeding from your capabilities.

Lucky days: 9.01, 10.01


Family. Circumstances will develop in such a way that you will have to deal with anger and learn to restrain emotions. Now you feel uncomfortable even among the closest people and you can easily break established ties. Look, do not overestimate your strength and your independence. Very soon life can throw you a situation with which you are unlikely to cope alone. Try to smooth out the conflict moments, and connect your natural diplomacy.

Lucky days: 11.01, 15.01


Trips. Get ready to travel a lot – if not to other cities and countries, then within your region. You will have to go on the road more than once this week. It is worth carefully preparing even for the shortest trip. Do not forget to take your identity documents and money with you. The most positive impressions are waiting for you. A pleasant bonus can be a visit to stores where you can buy things that please you.

Lucky days: 9.01, 14.01


Money. It’s not as bad and hopeless as you think. You are exaggerating your troubles. You are especially concerned about the financial situation. But in vain, because you are not able to assess the state of affairs in this area since fears and suspiciousness prevail in your perception. Yes, for some time you will have to live in economic mode, but hunger and the rejection of the most necessary things do not threaten you. Switch to something positive and non-financial.

Lucky days: 11.01, 13.01


Ambition. You will probably be surprised, but this quality in your character will manifest itself. For example, in the fact that you will perceive any advice as moralizing, and, of course, you will begin to resist pressure from outside. Do not be prejudiced against children – they behave according to their age. Use your ambition for peaceful purposes – try to implement some bold project or work on yourself, and your body.

Lucky days: 12.01, 14.01


Health. Already at the beginning of the week, you will feel unwell. You may even have to go to the hospital to undergo an examination and, based on the results, a course of treatment. In any case, try to spend less effort and energy on things that are optional, and secondary. Even work is now worth putting in second place. Not to mention household chores. Do not hide your condition from loved ones. They will understand and take care of the main concerns.

Lucky days: 10.01, 15.01


Change. You definitely won’t be able to relax. On the contrary, you will boil with passion. Any changes this week will cause you strong feelings, and emotions. Most likely, you will not be able to get out of this state quickly and without losses. But not everything is so hopeless. Confidential communication with family members will help. Perhaps it is time to return to the conversation that you already started with them before – it is time to clarify a lot, to deal with a lot. This will calm you down.

Lucky days: 9.01, 12.01


Work. If you’re thinking about changing jobs, now is the time to step up your search. The right period has come for interviews, consideration of vacancies, and negotiations on the terms of cooperation. It is better if you do not experiment but simply return to the proposals that you discussed once before. It is possible that you missed some important little things, and underestimated the prospects that open up before you.

Lucky days: 11.01, 13.01


Travel. Think seriously before going anywhere else. Long trips now will bring you not only good but also trouble. Most likely, you will have to agree to conditions worse than those to which you are accustomed. This applies to hotels, carriers, and work if you are going to go abroad on business. In any situation, try to save face. If you still have to travel, be sure to check tickets, reservations, and insurance.

Lucky days: 10.01, 14.01


Conflicts. You will encounter the unpleasant side of human nature. Conflicts and quarrels will flare up, and stress is likely. You will have to make your way to the goal, overcoming the resistance of other people who also defend their point of view. It is possible that you have to help someone in a difficult life situation. The hassle will add communication with representatives of banks and insurance companies. But issues related to inheritance will be successfully resolved.

Lucky days: 12.01, 13.01


Partnership. Count only on yourself. You should not rely especially on business partners or the second half. Circumstances will develop in such a way that they will not be able to help you. Focus on your strengths and capabilities – this is an option in which, if anything, you will be the most protected. Serious negotiations are ahead, which can change a lot. In business, not only professionalism will help you, but also natural intuition.

Lucky days: 14.01, 15.01


Absent-mindedness. Blame no one. In the coming week, you can become a victim of your inattention: lose important work or personal documents, forget about a meeting that is crucial for your work, leave the keys to your apartment or summer house in a public place, do not lock your car in the parking lot. In general, do not soar in the clouds. If it’s hard to fight daydreaming, get a notebook and write everything down. Make lists, and put up stickers – in general, help your brain remember everything.

Lucky days: 13.01, 15.01

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