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A love from the past returns in the lives of these 3 signs

This week, thanks to the transits taking place, we experience deep thinking and the idea of ​​turning those thoughts into action arises.

Mercury’s transit will make us think about the people in our lives, people from the past, as well as those who might be part of our future.We will also be in the minds of those we once knew, old friends, ex-lovers or ex-partners.

Many will not only be “thinkers” but will be the subject of one’s thoughts and concerns

This is the time of year when people remember who they were with this time last year. Those memories may be good or bad, but they will definitely be there.

And we could very well be in someone’s mind, most likely an ex-boyfriend’s. If you’ve ever asked yourself the questions, “Is he thinking about me?” or “Will he come back to me?”, the answer is yes, he definitely does.


A love from the past returns to the lives of these 3 signs between November 15 and 21



You are very much on someone’s mind these days, and it might be related to someone you were with around this time in previous years.

This is someone who once loved and trusted you. You’re on his mind now and he feels weird about you, like he wants back into your life and regrets you.

Your relationship probably ended on a bad note and left a bitter taste for both of you, but time passed and the bad things were looked at and settled.

Now this person thinks fondly of you and you of them.

It’s one of those situations where you have to try and see what comes out, this time it might be good.


Mercury will trigger someone’s thoughts about you and those memories will resurface in their mind, causing regrets, but also the desire to return. They may want to contact you simply to talk about the relationship you had in the past. He may have left all the bad things behind and wants to get a second chance.

He won’t do that without telling you what you did wrong then and how right he was, he won’t be able to help but point that out, but his intentions are harmless.



Someone in your life is not only thinking about you, but also talking about you all the time to those around them with the idea that they would like to come back into your life.

It is about an ex-lover, someone with whom you may have had a passionate affair in the past.

That person may have wanted more than you could give them, but now they realize they were wrong and they regret it.

That person’s efforts to win you back will be obvious and moving, especially if you don’t have anyone right now.

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