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Which Celebrity Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

You see a tweet from Chrissy Teigen and you’re like, “This woman is hilarious.”

Or, you listen to the broken voice of Billie Eilish and think to yourself that this girl is the most talented person on Earth.

Well, maybe these celebrities are your doubles.

While it’s never healthy to compare yourself to others, stepping into a celebrity’s shoes can indeed be fun.

For example, you may wonder what it’s like to be Jennifer Lopez and have romantic relationships with hotties (apart from her ex-husband Marc Anthony, I specify because there are a lot of them!).

According to your astrological sign, you have a double in Hollywood.

So, what dream life could you have?


March 21 – April 19

Your celebrity: Lady Gaga

As an Aries woman, you are competitive.

You are extremely driven and determined to pursue your dreams and goals.

You work hard and aren’t afraid to take the reins to accomplish what you set out to do.

And it looks a lot like the artist Lady Gaga.

She plays on all fronts: writing, singing, dancing, comedy, etc.

During her college years, she suffered a lot of harassment, because she already knew that she would become a star.

Yet no one trusted her talents and her classmates made fun of her.

We can clearly say that she nailed them!

Well, you are the same.

You like it when people underestimate you because you know you’re going to prove them wrong.


April 20 – May 20

Your celebrity: Adele

You are an independent and ambitious woman.

By nature, you are extremely artistic and you dabble in everything: drawing, painting, singing.

You also like to be noticed.

It looks a lot like the singer Adele.

At the beginning of her career, she was very discreet.

Now that she has gained confidence in herself, she clearly shows her personality.

You are the same: you remain in your shell, but once you have observed your immediate surroundings, you make yourself known and heard!


May 21 – June 21

Your celebrity: Drew Barrymore

You have an undeniable talent: you have a strong ability to make friends.

Despite your cold and critical appearance, you are a sensitive soul who likes to be surrounded by those close to you.

Actress Drew Barrymore is your celebrity!

This woman represents femininity, fun, and freedom.

Indeed, it illuminates the room as soon as it crosses the threshold.

Your talkative side takes over as soon as you are with the people you love.


June 22 – July 22

Your celebrity: Selena Gomez

When you see Selena, you want to hug her and ask her to be your best friend.

Well yes, she exudes sentimental and loyal energy.

Just like you!

Cancer natives are known to wear their hearts on their sleeves.

You always make the needs of your loved ones a priority.

Their happiness is extremely important to you.

Thus, friendship and family are essential pillars for your well-being.

Like the singer, you have a strong creative, and nurturing nature.

Which makes you popular wherever you go.


July 23 – August 22

Your celebrity: Jennifer Lawrence

When a person born under the sign of Leo walks into the room, all eyes turn to them.

Indeed, it has a magnetic nature!

You are therefore charismatic and you like to flirt.

We can clearly say that this definition corresponds to the fiery personality of the actress in Hunger Games.

Indeed, you always see her smiling, cracking jokes, and grabbing the spotlight.

She never goes unnoticed.

That’s the kind of energy you have and people love you for it.

Even if some people think you’re arrogant, you don’t mind.


August 23 – September 22

Your celebrity: Beyoncé

For you, there is only one path to success: hard work.

You don’t rely on luck or the help of others.

Like Queen Beyoncé, you take your destiny into your own hands and fight for what you want.

Although she was born into a fairly wealthy and accomplished family, she did not rest on her laurels.

Indeed, she could have lived comfortably without doing anything.

But she chose to build a name for herself!

And her marriage to J-Zay was just one more triumph (well if we forget her infidelities!).

Like Beyoncé, you are always one step ahead of the others!


September 23 – October 23

Your celebrity: Marion Cotillard

In everything you do, you seek balance.

You want everyone to get the same treatment.

In short, you are a bit of a vigilante!

Indeed, you are constantly in search of justice and recognition.

Just like the charming actress Marion Cotillard.

She militates with generosity and altruism for the most disadvantaged.

So you can take an example from her!


October 24 – November 22

Your celebrity: Scarlett Johansson

At the start of her career, she was only known for her angel face and good looks.

Yet throughout her filmography, she has proven herself to be a versatile star who can adapt to any situation.

Now she is recognized as one of the greatest actresses of her generation.

Just like you, she’s a jack of all trades.

You succeed in everything you do and you always have your hands on several projects.

And each of them is an outstanding achievement.

So, continue on this path!


November 23 – December 22

Your celebrity: Chrissy Teigen

The natives of Sagittarius are known for their well-hung tongue!

You don’t try to hurt people, you just like to say whatever comes into your head.

Besides, you are a person for whom the truth is vital.

You don’t like lies or half-truths.

Who does this remind you of?

To the queen of Twitter of course!

Chrissy Teigen has stepped in more than once.

Moreover, it divides the web: people love it or hate it.

There are no half-measures, as with you!

Those who know you know that your heart is pure, but others find it difficult to understand your “cruelty”.

Being Sagittarius myself, I can guarantee that we are sensitive and not cruel people!

On good terms!


December 23 – January 20

Your celebrity: Meghan Trainor

Lady, when it comes to realizing your dreams, you keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

You work hard and you don’t get distracted.

As a Capricorn, you have the attitude of a leader and you have a deep desire to become better.

Plus, like singer Meghan Trainor, you want to change the world for the better.

And for that, you are not afraid to raise your voice and get your hands dirty.


January 21 – February 19

Your celebrity: Jennifer Aniston

A lot of Jennifer in this ranking.

You dream of a better world for all the people who populate our Earth.

You enjoy fighting for those who cannot defend themselves and for marginalized groups.

In short, you have the humanitarian cause in the sense that it is entirely part of your personality.

Jennifer Aniston, the actress is an activist for women’s rights and gender equality.

She uses her voice and her status to try to change the world.


February 20 – March 20

Your celebrity: Jessica Biel

You are an inherently creative and kind person.

Indeed, you have a deep and original soul that many people have trouble grasping.

You live in your imaginary world to the rhythm of your vibrations.

Jessica Biel is your double because she never tried to conform to Hollywood style.

She is featured as a celebrity, but her personal life remains private.

She’s not just strutting around to show off.

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