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Astrological Compatibility: What happens when your partner is awesome but has the wrong zodiac sign?

You met him, you liked him and you already started to imagine how you will spend your whole life together. Until you found out he’s a Sagittarius!
if the above scenario is familiar to you, it means that astrological compatibility is very important to you. In fact, experts have repeatedly stated that your partner’s zodiac sign can tell you a lot about him and the future of your relationship.
“When someone approaches me, they don’t ask me questions about success or the future, but about the compatibility between him or her and their partner, according to the signs,” says an astrologer.

Is it possible for the stars to be wrong in some cases?

Specialists are of the opinion that not only the classic zodiac signs matter.

In the middle are several astrological details very often omitted.

That’s why when there are cases where two people get along perfectly, even if their signs are not compatible, the Moon signs and the ascendant come into play.
Most people know their Sun sign, i.e. the one corresponding to the ego. Besides him, there is also a Moon sign, which defines the emotional side of each person.

Last but not least, the ascendant plays a particularly important role in people’s traits.

Why is the Moon sign important?

Let’s imagine that you met an absolutely wonderful potential partner. You adore everything about him: the way he talks, the way he smiles, even the little details that no one else notices.

After a few conversations, you find out that his Sun sign is not at all compatible with yours, so you panic. You thought you were made for each other!

Well, before you panic, maybe you should take a look at the signs of the Moon. These are determined by the position of the Moon at the time of birth and reflect the emotional side, the deep traits that define the soul and feelings.

Even if two Sun signs seem incompatible (so your egos will not understand each other), it is possible to have a much deeper connection, at the level of the Moon sign. Thus, your emotional communication can be stronger than anything!

How much does astrological compatibility really matter?

“Incompatibility can work as motivation to overcome differences and build a healthy and strong relationship,” says Kesaine Walker, astrologer, and reiki healer.

Very often, partners use the incompatibility of the signs to prove that this cannot affect their love. They are interested in what the differences are and work to find effective solutions.

The astrologers conclude that feelings are above astral compatibilities. The latter are just some benchmarks that can help you reduce contrasts and accept differences. At the same time, the aspects related to astrology can function as a map that can guide you, in general, toward the true love you need.

At the end of the day, a relationship involves dedication, effort, and motivation, things that will always be stronger than any astral prediction!/

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