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Attitude To Love And Ability To Love Among Zodiac Signs

Attitude to love and the ability to love among zodiac signs. Well, very accurately!


Ready for love and love knowledge at an early age, earlier than society allows, because of this and several cases, Aries go through domestic conflicts in their youth. Sometimes they get into big trouble because a boy-man will violate any guidelines in the name of fulfilling his first desires.

A girl-woman can become an unconscious bully, with all the ensuing consequences. They tend to fall in love at first sight at all ages. If they fall in love, nothing can resist their passion. They are often attracted by the forbidden fruit, they strive to get it at any cost. They are generous and sometimes prudent. When pushed away, Aries’ passion turns into obsession. Early pride and rage. On the other hand, they quickly reconcile and calm down.

For Aries, any beautiful adventure or temptation is an invitation to change. All Aries are impulsive, impetuous, and sometimes naive. Almost touching lovers, whose whims must be satisfied just like those of a capricious child. Like children, they love to brag and win applause. There is something ostentatious about a man, and women also like to show off their advantages. They can be deeply devoted, but only temporarily while the relationship is uncertain. At the first sign of repetition, everything is abandoned and deleted. Aries cannot stand being limited in his pursuit of freedom or having his ambitions limited. If he cannot be adored, he becomes rude. Marriage for Aries is under greater threat than for other signs; it requires patience and understanding to preserve the marriage. His energy should be directed carefully, without suppressing his enthusiasm, and given the right direction.


In their youth, they dream of love, and they fall in love with “Love” long before the appearance of their first lover. When this happens, they need time to wake up, to open up to reality, to another personality, until their personality becomes the object of love. Passion, even in more mature years, does not arise suddenly but grows slowly and imperceptibly, but when feelings begin to speak, there is no more sensual sign. He does not back down from his choice.

For Taurus, feelings and desires are the same. Taurus’s passion is complete: he goes to the end, regardless of whether this end is sweet or bitter. In love, Taurus cannot be stopped by criticism, inconvenience, or discomfort, although in other respects Taurus is practical. Taurus love is deeply touching, tender, uncomplicated, and lasts a long time. For Taurus, the old-fashioned, romantic promise of eternal fidelity until death, like Romeo and Juliet, remains valid, and this is inherent in both young and mature Taurus, men and women. They want to own their lover and belong to them until the end.

If reality does not live up to the ideal, Taurus goes through a hell of jealousy, despondency, and depression, sometimes even dying due to a broken heart. They can go to other extremes – “Don Juanism”, alcoholism, gluttony, but this is relatively rare.

Taurus women want to worship and expect their lovers to prove their feelings. Having become confident in their feelings, they become balanced, affectionate, and lively, and are happy to pamper and spoil a man in various ways. They usually know how to keep men.

Marriage to a Taurus discounts the possibility of divorce and is designed for harmony. Taurus makes gentle, warm parents who take care of their children with pleasure. If Taurus overcomes the jealous possessive streak, there is no more ideal lover.


Loving a Gemini man is easy and pleasant unless you devote yourself to it with all your passion. He has a certain spiritual essence peculiar only to him, which he will not share with anyone.

There is no need to complicate and dramatize the relationship, you need to treat everything calmly and simply, not bother him, and try to excite his imagination all the time. Do not protest against his changeability, but change with him.

You need to be a lively, interesting conversationalist because the most important thing for a Gemini is the intellectual level of a partner; he will give preference, first of all, not to outfits, but to brilliant, sharpened minds.

Geminis, as a rule, marry more than once, although the later the first marriage is concluded, the more likely it is that it will last for a long time, maybe forever. Geminis can read secret thoughts.

A Gemini man in love brings with him a sense of security from the outside world. Gemini is ready to help always and in everything. But almost every rule has an exception. And this exception is the beloved Gemini. There is no need to talk about any reliability here. He can go buy bread from a nearby bakery and return three days later. Their secret love affairs often fail. Their feelings are superficial.

In her early youth, the Gemini woman is unpredictable, and love for her is just a game. But the older she gets, the more interesting it is to communicate with her.

She manifests herself with the greatest strength in love, since it is love that is the area where the feminine essence is best manifested, all the richness and complexity of her nature are revealed.

She is sentimental and romantic, charming and smart. No one can compete with her in ingenuity in love. You will never get bored with her.

To be confident in the constancy of a Gemini woman, you must always be near her, constantly reminding her of your presence. She does not know how to control her emotions and feelings, she is subject to frequent mood swings and violent expression of her emotions.


The most sensitive and emotionally vulnerable of all 12 signs. Can live the richest and most painful life. His success as an individual depends on whether he managed to destroy the problem of his relationship with his mother, so as not to remain dependent on her.

The physiological aspect of love is often rejected. Therefore, this sign is easier for women who solve the problem of relationships with their mothers by becoming mothers themselves.

A woman should be wary of the Oedipus complex (according to Freud) when a mother marries her son. Passion for one’s son should be avoided. Others are unable to break with their family and remain spinsters or companions of their parents.

In their youth, Cancers are romantics, dreaming of ideal love. They are quiet, deep water. Imagination is ahead of life experience.

These romantics can be tyrants, and possessive, they are usually the first to feel the blow from disappointment and flee from a hostile world, if possible, to their mother, or seek salvation alone. They hide desires for fear of seeing them vulgarized, they dream of inaccessible love.

Cancer men can be peaceful, calm, and simple, and their love is faithful and unshakable. These people make devoted husbands and fathers who live only for their families.

Others can be capricious, tormented by mysteries for themselves, sophisticated and ambiguous. This type wanders from woman to woman in search of his idealized mother or falls into a fatal irresponsible feeling. He may even commit suicide or the object of his love.

Women are also divided into two types: charming, affectionate, too shy, sometimes frivolous, little cocky women with childish outbursts of irritation, and women trying to put themselves on a pedestal and instill a feeling that love is unattainable.


Leo is a sign favorable for those areas of activity where a man is still allowed to create an empire or a dynasty.

Leo women often find it difficult to realize their romantic ambition: to find a man who will put her on the pedestal to which she has a right.

They usually try to marry high on the social ladder and abstain from marriage for a long time until they find the one they think they want: a well-savvy man with money who will allow them to look good and rule at home.

They consider love to be a trump card in the game of life and restrain their sensual desires, of which they do not have too much – they are often friggin’.

Many Leo women think they are beautiful, and often they are. They are afraid to give themselves physically for fear of losing their beauty; many pay with a nervous breakdown at about age 30 for marriage or a marriage of convenience.

Men can be the most generous and generous lovers or admirers. They are not very gentle, but very passionate. They want to find a woman worthy of themselves and the great romantic destiny for which they believe they were born.

They cannot imagine that any woman could reject them. On the other hand, a good compliment to Leo throws him at your feet, there is something of the Peacock in it.

Love for Leo is a holiday, exaltation. Leo’s appetites are great, their desires are persistent, their pain is deep, and they see no point in indecision or doubts about feelings and situations. They don’t like to be crossed.

If Leo is not loved, he cannot forgive himself for his choice – his anger is destructive. On the other hand, no woman can stand in the way of her position in life and career. If she does this, then Leo gets rid of the desire that is humiliating for him, even if this threatens him with loneliness.


Virgo has no instinct to take action. If their heart is caught, they retreat and go into hiding to think. They hate and fear all uncertainty and expectation.

Some Virgos are afraid that bearing children will deprive them of their femininity and attractiveness. Others become mothers attached to their children and give up their independence.

Passion seems to Virgo to be a disease of the soul that the mind must cure. They analyze their feelings, trying to minimize them with the help of reason, doubt, and ridicule while being more attached than they think.

Virgos are burning ice, they do not pour out their feelings and love, proving with deeds more than words. Tenderness takes the form of humiliation; swearing loyalty, the same is not expected in return. And they keep their word. They expect relationships where the main emphasis is on moral honesty, purity, deep chastity, and affection; if they cannot have this, then they prefer loneliness. No sign has more bachelors and spinsters isolated in a tower of criticism. The biggest difficulties occur in the first stage of a relationship. Virgos are shy or awkward when it comes to letting someone else know how they feel.

Sometimes they miss their opportunities, return home alone, tormented by passionate desires, or retreat to the level of ordinary generally accepted relationships, which bring them indifference, but peace, giving each partner sitting alone. In the later days of life, they suddenly blow it all up for the sake of one incredible passion.

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Libra is ruled by marriage; more than other signs, Libra needs a union with a partner to feel complete. Libra is the bridge between Virgo, who is ruled by reason, and Scorpio, who is guided by desires. The bridge, hanging and swaying, also signifies the end of the human race, which means limited energy, short breathing, and lack of physical strength. It follows from this that passion is not a strong point for Libra. They can experience her injections, although too softened. They do not fall in love at first sight, they are not enslaved by feelings. For Libra, Venus signifies extra love. Completing the individual and social portrait of Libra, it should be noted that the main feature is the ability to get along with people and be liked in society.

Libras are sentimental, they cannot help but be tender, the need for public approval can make them prefer a beautiful face or an advantageous position for inner depth and compatibility, and they can marry only half after their hearts. Libras are flexible and know how to find a common language with a person. Their body lacks the instinctive, animalistic, so it must be kept superabundant. They will do almost anything to not be lonely and have a dialogue. Libra women are gentle and charming, they can adapt with any man, sometimes even to the point of self-denial and mas@chism. These are ideal assistants who find happiness in their husband’s successes. But they also turn away and can seek happiness on the side; if they do not feel loved, they are quickly consoled.

Libra men do not pretend to be conquerors but often expect the woman to make the first move. If a woman doesn’t make the first move, they feel unwanted and rejected, gives up, and looks for luck elsewhere. They tend to seduce everyone at any time if Libra is sure that they are wanted, that they are the center of attention of the chosen one.


Scorpio is a sensual nature, prone to excesses, including in love. Scorpio seems to be made for her. He strives for her with all his being. Scorpio does not allow defeats. Knows the value of his charm. Scorpio, if circumstances are such that it is impossible to conclude a marriage, will love his chosen one stronger and more tenderly than his legal wife or husband. He listens only to what his heart says. The Scorpio man is not inclined to show his feelings in public. In public he is rude, inattentive, and even cruel; in private he admits his true attitude. He is very suspicious and jealous.

The Scorpio woman is partly a witch. With her sixth sense, she recognizes her future chosen one at first sight. He will have no choice but to submit to her witchcraft spells. The Scorpio woman has an unusually passionate nature. For them, passion has to do not only with love and pleasure. She experiences similar feelings towards everything around her: she either passionately loves or hates madly. The Scorpio woman, being jealous, does not like it when people are jealous of her. And it is very difficult to resist jealousy towards Scorpio since she attracts glances.


The fire of Sagittarius is not like the ardor of Leo and Aries. This is a fire smoldering under the ashes – burnt out, but not yet extinguished embers of inner passions. The endlessly changing Sagittarius can make a loud statement. Some direct their arrows vertically to high spiritual peaks in many different ways, considering the physical act of love as a means of mystical abstraction. They are looking for a partner who is much higher in life than them, to whom they sell their usually ideal passion for this.

Others choose a horizontal goal and there is no end to their conquests. Love is sport, adventure, rapture, in short – Don Juan on a high horse, but a life lesson for Sagittarius: “The arrow and the target are ultimately one, aimed at their own heart.” Sagittarius men love comfort, and a certain atmosphere of lightness and luxury, they prefer a woman who not only increases their pride opinion of themselves but also runs the household well, coping with it in the absence of her husband.

No one else adheres to such two-faced concepts of measure. They fly into fits of furious jealousy if they are paid in kind. They do not forgive betrayal, especially if they think that others know about it. Sagittarius women are either extremely proud, and militant, or they are dignified patronesses who want to be loved by men whom they can love, respect, and put on a pedestal.


Similar to red wine, may improve with age as internal stiffness disappears. At first, they are alien to people due to their distant connection with instincts. They resist infatuation out of fear of loss and suffering.

They want a minimum of pleasure because of a minimum of pain, but a mask of icy indifference can hide the most painful passions that are suppressed to avoid submission to feelings. The consequence is breakdowns of various forms.

Some try to fill the inner emptiness with a thirst for power and collecting, others retreat into silence or nervous quirks and sometimes become physically ill in the desert of selfishness and stinginess. Others, accepting such a fate, live unhappily in solitude, as if indifference were a natural human condition, or pretend to be reconciled to fate, proclaiming their loneliness as proof of their spiritual merits, hiding dogmatism and bilious corrosiveness under the cover of false kindness.

Others may be susceptible to memories of past losses and refuse to forgive betrayal. They are faithful, and loyal and live inconsolable, sad, and deeply vulnerable lives. Many can live a lonely life, without love, almost until they are 40-50 years old. Then they open up, submit to everything they have fought against and rejected, and give it their all.

The two extremes of Capricorn can vary: from fury to secrecy, from indifference to wild jealousy, from self-denial to wild freedom, licentiousness, from modesty to blatant vulgarity. Many men are misogynists and remain old bachelors. If they look at a woman, they look for honesty, reliability, and completeness, usually among colleagues in their circle. Capricorn women can sometimes be very hard-hearted. They hate the role of a housewife, they prefer to make a career and achieve independence than to get carried away by a seductive romance, and they often remain cold in the arms of a partner.

They get married for financial and social reasons. Some of them have a Cinderella complex; they want to be loved because they consider themselves attractive enough.


Emotionally, Aquarius reveals itself in a complex way; his sensitivity merges with his imagination. They like to dream about the unusual, especially in their youth, they surround the object of love with a mystical aura that rarely corresponds to reality, in other words, they often idealize the chosen one, then they become disappointed and abandon love in the name of friendship. Some settle for “relative” happiness, in which old sentimental traits play a subordinate role. Others hide their inner vulnerability under a layer of ice mixed with brilliant hardness, some may even become cynical, detached, deliberately unpleasant, or even disgusting, but this is rarely the case.

The thirst for prestige is a trap for Aquarius. The idea that they can be easily affected by life, especially love, is an illusion. Passion may pass through them, but it will not destroy their hearts. It can be stimulating, but it rarely takes them where they don’t want to go.

They invariably return to the purity of their source (Aquarius) – friendship and chosen affections. They rarely bother with hatred; even more than Gemini and Libra, they want to be free. A relationship where they are a “bird in a cage” is unbearable for them.

Aquarians rarely wear wedding rings. If they are enslaved by relationships, they only think about liberation, which they prepare in silence. Aquarians have the highest divorce rate. They are more willing to give themselves to a company than to one person. They can give more to strangers than to members of their own family.


There are as many variations as there are fish in the sea. A man ranges from Don Juan, eager to give himself to all women (a shark in the ocean of love) – to a silently suffering victim of love. Women from the romantic, mystical, femme fatale, to the soft and devoted, although not very submissive wife, who belongs to one man entirely and forever, who seems too good to believe.

There is also a “deity” who adores his own at a distance and does not reveal his feelings to anyone, especially to the object of passion. Love takes pride of place, they can love at the highest exalted level, or not love at all – reduce love to the lowest level – it can be heaven or hell. There is no more complex heart than the heart of Pisces – it is wide, mysterious, incomprehensible like the sea. It is inhabited by diverse impulses. Love comes to Pisces secretly and grows unnoticed. They rarely know where it began and where it ended. The apparent indifference is explained by internal constraints or fear of being tied down for a long time. They can maintain platonic relationships for a long time and experience their passion alone.

They are not conquerors but prefer to be chosen, but it should be clear that you prefer them and no one else. They do not fight with an opponent, they would rather get out of the way and wish you happiness with another person.

They hesitate – to leave, leave, or return. Silent gloom, many fall in love with flawed people, moral and physical cripples, whom they try to save with their love, since love for many Pisces means help, they should feel welcome, understood, and happy without a doubt. If this is so, then there is no more devoted, flexible, forgiving partner.

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