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10 sentences to never tell a Scorpio 2k22

With its strong character and its severe appearance, the Scorpion does not lack temperament! This is also the most dreaded astrological sign of the Zodiac. Yet, it hides an unparalleled sensitivity. So, to try to find it in its best light and avoid waking up the sleeping monster, here are the 10 sentences to never tell a Scorpion. We will have warned you!

1. You say anything!

What mistake do you make if you dare to tell him that sentence! Because a Scorpion is never wrong. On the contrary, he is always right, a point that’s all! And if you contradict him, he will have arguments to spare and will always have a way to put you back in place …

2. You can not …

… or worse, “you’ll never get there”! It’s enough for a Scorpion to hear these few words to take your word as a challenge. Remember that it is a sign of the most determined who is ready for all the sacrifices to overcome the challenges he sets himself!

3. What are your secrets?

Far too mysterious to reveal his secret garden, the Scorpion will never tell you what he does not want to share. And this is all the more valid when it comes to a subject that does not concern him. Secrets, it’s sacred!

4. Do not do this, do not do that!

Ouch Ouch … With his domineering tendency and his authoritarian character, Scorpion hates the highest point, that he is given orders. So, if he does not ask you for your opinion, it is in your interest to keep your language in your immediate vicinity or you will risk hearing “I do what I want!!

5. You lost, nananère!

Scorpion hates to lose! This is one of the astrological signs the worst players of the Zodiac. Not only does failure make him vulnerable, but he gets mad with rage. A tip if you beat a Scorpion during a game: tease him with humor and delicacy …

6. Your words are cruel!

“Do you prefer me to be hypocritical, perhaps? That’s what he’ll answer you! Because it is a fact, the Scorpion is gross of stripping and lacks tact. For him, all truth is good to say and the opposite (lies or hypocrisy) is a lack of respect!

7. We have all the time!

Maybe you, but time does not matter! Passionate astrological sign, Scorpio has no patience. He wants everything right away and prefers to live intensely than to waste his time! Like it or not …

8. I met an exceptional person!

If one of his best Scorpio friends boasted of meeting a great person, you can be sure he will sulk. Not that he wants this person but by simple possessiveness. Indeed, he will feel in danger and will not support the idea of ​​being replaced by someone other than himself!

9. You lack tolerance!

Yes, Scorpio is extremely demanding! But he is even more so with himself. It sets the bar high on all levels and does not support doing things halfway. And he often does not understand why others do not react like him …

10. You are only a manipulator!

It’s true and he will recognize it willingly, the Scorpion may be vicious! But then, what does he annoy about it? That one can unmask his multiple strategists and his calculating side, quite simply!

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