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Horoscope For The Week Of January 15-21.

The astrologer told us what events could happen in your life in the next seven days.

The general energy mood of the coming seven days will require representatives of different signs to be sociable, collected, and courageous. Astrologer Tatyana Bodoeva spoke in more detail about the prospects for the week.


Communication. To achieve what you want this week, you will have to take the initiative: be open to new acquaintances and ideas. Work and career may also require unusual decisions. For example, establish friendly connections with colleagues. In general, be prepared for a shock week in terms of work. During this period, you may receive a business offer that promises big profits. Accept it after making sure that the deal is truly profitable, otherwise you risk losing money.

Lucky days: 17.01.


Money. Your week will begin with thoughts about increasing your earnings and other financial issues. In your pursuit of profit, keep your focus on objectivity. Try to find the “golden mean” between preserving and increasing resources. Pay attention to detail and planning in your work. Personal relationships may also require attention, so be prepared for frank dialogue.

Lucky days: 18.01.


Initiative. Any idea that comes to you this week will have every chance to go beyond your imagination. Especially if you are not afraid to share it with friends or colleagues. Discussion of your initiative will prompt you to search for ways to bring it to life. Be flexible in your work and do not resist change. Be careful when traveling and traveling: intellectual workload can make you absent-minded.

Lucky days: 21.01.


Job. In the first half of the week, your attention will be drawn to family matters and the desire to create comfort in your home. Don’t put off these impulses for later and, if possible, spend more time with your loved ones. A caring attitude will spread to work: you will be able to build comfortable interactions even with those colleagues with whom your relationship has not been particularly good. Don’t forget about yourself either: take time for a preventive examination of the body, visit the dentist, or get a massage.

Lucky days: 18.01.


Hobby. You will want to focus more on creativity and activities that help you express your emotions. This could be filming videos, blogging, or music. Success in a new hobby will fill you with strength and change your attitude towards routine tasks. It is quite possible that renewed self-confidence, starting from Wednesday, will bring pleasant changes to work. Don’t be afraid of new challenges, but don’t forget to evaluate your strengths. If you understand that you cannot complete this or that task, it is better to refuse immediately.

Lucky days: 16.01.


Attention. Your natural meticulousness can give way, so you will have to force yourself to be attentive to the details and words of the people with whom fate brings you together. There will be more communication this week than usual: by Thursday you may feel slightly tired from the attention to your person. Try to find time to rest and relax so you have enough strength for the rest of the week. For example, gentle physical exercise or spiritual practices can help maintain your mood.

Lucky days: 19.01.


Subordination. Circumstances will arise that will shake your proven work scenario. Perhaps the catalyst will be problems in relationships. A slight emotional imbalance can hurt important decisions. In order not to let yourself down, try not to mix work and personal: maintain subordination even in the most informal cooperation. If ill-wishers appear, do not react to their attacks. Quite quickly their unfounded criticism will exhaust itself.

Lucky days: 16.01.


Planning. The energy of the week will inspire you to think about the future. In the process, you will determine the direction in which you want to achieve success. Most likely, it will be something that was not part of your interests before. Relationships with colleagues will be key: open communication will help you achieve profitable partnerships. The changes will likely entail a change in the daily routine that is familiar to you. You will have to adapt to new conditions that will bring interesting experiences.

Lucky days: 15.01.


Patience. The week is suitable for strategic steps in your career. You can take active steps right on Monday, but don’t expect quick results: be patient. The first results will appear in at least a month, but they will exceed expectations. In your personal life, try to maintain a balance between your interests and the interests of your partner. A new source of income may also appear. Try to use your time effectively so as not to miss the opportunity to earn money.

Lucky days: 16.01.


Self-development. All week you will feel the need to update your knowledge. Consider such zeal as a sign. A sign that you need to devote time to studying for the next seven days. The information will not only be well absorbed but will also quickly find application in work, which means it will increase professionalism. At the same time, it is important not to throw yourself into work and maintain a balance between self-development and personal life.

Lucky days: 20.01.


Straightforwardness. The week will bring you new useful acquaintances. Various social or work events will be especially successful in this sense. You will be able to find profitable cooperation if you don’t beat around the bush, but start directly voicing your ideas and proposals to people of interest. In the future, a business partner or a new like-minded person can become your good friend.

Lucky days: 21.01.


Intuition. After communicating with an experienced colleague or older relative, you will become more aware of your aspirations. You may even want to change your job, but it’s better not to rush yet. Listen not to your immediate emotions, but to your intuition. Personal relationships may require open conversation. The dialogue will end successfully if you manage to maintain emotional balance and not descend into mutual reproaches. Be more tolerant of your loved ones, and strive for a compromise.

Lucky days: 15.01.

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