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Daily Horoscope 20th November 2023


Today Aries should refrain from rash impulses, new starts, and energetic participation in collective affairs. You shouldn’t actively support like-minded people or react violently to their actions if you don’t like them: the result could be a fatal quarrel, a fatal business mistake, or the loss of a friend or part of your prospects in the future. The evening will reduce the intensity of passions, perhaps solitude or despondency.


Today, it is advisable for Taurus to avoid clashes with competitors, not to deal with too hot partners, and try not to aggravate relations with the right people (for example, with future management). Both triumph and failure will affect the value system. If in the evening you find that the ranks of friends have thinned, do not despair: the most faithful like-minded people are still nearby and plans for the future have hardly changed.


In the morning, Gemini’s attention will be held by certain stormy large-scale events: they will confirm their suspicions or strengthen them in new ideals for the future. The crises of this day will not be a disaster, but its general background is not very favorable. It’s better not to rush into an important decision or conversation, or to go on a journey. In the evening, it is useful to clarify professional and other plans in light of past events.


Until the evening comes, Cancers should not cancel precautions and not only technical ones. It is undesirable to deal with unfamiliar and suspicious people, and also, out of inertia, to bestow the same favor on old friends and partners: perhaps their priorities have changed. The evening will provide support in the form of proven ideals and principles and will add confidence in colleagues or friends from abroad.


The stars tell Leo that today they are in a potentially problematic situation and it is better not to tempt fate. It is worth avoiding clashes on any basis: the price of a scandal, shock, or breakup can be high. It is dangerous to lay down a destructive relationship algorithm for the future. The evening will weaken psychological or physical immunity after stress and can bring malaise, loneliness, fear, or despondency.


Today Virgos should not count on a smooth and predictable course of affairs. The risk of failure in experiments increases, especially if new tools or techniques are mastered. There is a possibility of quarrels with new colleagues or with old friends on new grounds, and difficulties with pets. Caution in work and therapeutic manipulations will not hurt. In the evening it is easy to face rejection, criticism, or silence.


Libras should remember that today many activities involve some risk for them; any creativity can lead to material damage, unexpected effects, or unnecessary adventures. Fortunately, worries and troubles will become useful experiences that will come in handy more than once in the future. The evening will remind you of plans, obligations, or moments of dependence; it will not hurt to monitor your health.


Until evening comes, the stars advise Scorpios to monitor their behavior and try to formulate their new tactics under the influence of events, as an experiment and a trial step. It is worth considering the high probability of quarrels, breakups, business risks, and industrial and domestic complications. Assess events and your behavior, as well as make predictions, preferably in the evening.


Today the stars warn Sagittarius about the high probability of complications – at any time, in any matter, and on any route. You should not choose this day for planned events. If an emergency happens, an urgent repair, service, or business trip is required, you will have to be creative and prepare for risks. The evening will narrow the possibilities; family debt or housing situation may remind you.


Capricorns should remember that today it is difficult to promise or plan anything. Even the most well-thought-out plan can collapse due to a fatal set of circumstances or the destructive behavior of others. The likelihood of damage, emergencies, and anxiety increases. The deal may be broken. There is a risk of a quarrel with a friend. In the evening, poor communication, delayed news, or lack of clear, specific information can be upsetting.


Aquarians should not underestimate the risks of this day. Any disagreements and mistakes now are of strategic importance and “cast a shadow” into the future. You should not quarrel with significant people without a good reason, for example, with a possible employer, parents, or close friend. There is a risk of injury and stress. At the end of the day, some form of moderation won’t hurt diet, savings, or emotional restraint.


Today, the stars allow Pisces to determine for themselves the degree of their interest in other people’s affairs – hinting that their programs and obligations, including professional ones, should remain at the forefront. It is better to assess the situation and clarify plans in the evening when external influences have weakened and personal needs come to the fore. An evening in solitude would be a good choice, but it is important to avoid despondency.

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