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Horoscope: The First Week Of May Brings Luck To These Two Astrological Signs

May 1st brought them luck, at least according to the stars. Here are the astrological signs that are luckiest this week from May 2 to 9, 2024.

If this shady start to May is already tiring you out, reassure yourself by telling yourself that you may be among the luckiest of the week. When it comes to astrology, the weather is also capricious. Pluto retrogrades in Aquarius for six months and promises its share of profound changes, while Mars in Aries has electrified the atmosphere since May 1st. Cosmic transits which nevertheless seem to succeed in two particularly lucky signs of the zodiac according to the horoscope of Jean-Yves Espié.


Finally, above all, what works best for him is starting new, exciting projects. The sign of Aries had a complicated start to spring with Mercury (intellect, communication) retrograding in its sector. Slowdowns may have compromised his desires and his impulses, but that is in the past. The machine is restarted, and everything is running. Mars – the favorite planet of Aries and that of action – has been in its fold since May 1st. “You are well prepared to draw from within yourself the will necessary to provide the impetus,” comments Jean-Yves Espié.

The desire to fight is there, and Aries is intoxicated by the prospect of summer. “Some projects call for an initiating spark without which nothing could be done” and Mars in Aries offers this spark to the first sign of the zodiac. Self-confidence and determination are there. Nothing can deviate Aries from their goals this week. His Marseille tarot card for the next few days? The Chariot, be movement and success.


We have already said it in the Taurus horoscope for May 2024: the sign takes off this month. Astrologically, the period is auspicious and prosperous for the horned beast who is currently celebrating his birthday. “With the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus in your sector, it is a planetary group that only wants the best for you,” lists Jean-Yves Espié. Translation? The stars of energy, relationships, luck, and changes form a more than positive plot for Taurus. Especially since the New Moon in Taurus on May 8 is about to be added to the list of stars which gives it a cosmic boost. The Sun and Venus “guarantee you unfailing charm” while Uranus and Jupiter “will lavish you with luck and opportunity”. Surprisingly good news could come, long-standing concerns could finally find their solution, and projects put on hold resume. Spotlight on Taurus. His tarot card for the week? The Empress, be abundance and anchorage.

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