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Daily Horoscope 22nd December 2023

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This day will bring Aries closer to the completion of the plot in their career, professional, or financial biography, however, they will still be several steps away from the final line and complete closure of the case (for example, leaving their position). For many Aries, the opinion of a specific person will gain weight. This could be a former colleague or boss, a representative of an official authority, or a person older in age.


Today, Taurus is informed and successful – especially in matters related to communications, study, writing, travel, and re-establishing contacts abroad. A distant friend, patron, student, or teacher may get in touch. Possible interest in foreign languages ​​and world news. It’s good to clarify the plan, standard, or route, and confirm a diploma of higher education.


The circumstances of this day will help Gemini focus on the most important matters and contacts for them at the moment. Financial issues and foreign connections may occupy a large place in their thoughts and plans. There may be correspondence or an important meeting with a specific person who influences the financial situation, for example, with a creditor, debtor, guarantor, or tax inspector.


Cancers should not miss this day if they want to continue the dialogue with a specific person or intend to strengthen their social connections. You should not turn down invitations to talk, especially semi-formal ones, from attending events and participating in group discussions: these are the paths to a prosperous future. It is advisable to maintain communication with mentors, patrons, foreign friends, and colleagues.


Today the stars advise Leos to become realistic. The day suggests thinking in economic or other practical terms. The right moment for meetings on material topics, to discuss issues of remuneration, transaction details, budget reorganization, and management of resources and reserves. A personal conversation with a boss, subordinate, investor, or representative of a financial institution is appropriate.


Today Virgos can count on a successful turn of events. It will become easier for them to communicate with their close and distant surroundings, and to select arguments in disputes. Many Virgos will receive additional information or moral support, restore previous knowledge, and be able to use a forgotten route or communication channel. There may be good news from abroad from friends, children, teachers, or patrons.

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Today, the stars advise Libra not to lose sight of the practical details on which the closure of the old plot depends. The financial basis of the project, the issue of ownership, rent, loan, contribution, inheritance, or common property may be of particular importance. A personal conversation with a household member, creditor, or person involved in the situation may be in order. This day can also enhance sensory sensations.


Scorpios should not miss this day if they are interested in personal or business negotiations, especially with a specific person: mutual generosity or a successful intersection of interests will help to agree on a lot. Also today there is an increasing hope for the receipt of additional information or the appearance of the right person from among old acquaintances. You may find an interlocutor, a travel companion, or a translator.


Today, the stars advise Sagittarius to focus on the material side of their affairs, as well as on official details and bureaucratic details. On this day, a colleague, assistant, buyer, seller, former subordinate, or service representative can get in touch. Correspondence may be revived in connection with compensation for previous expenses, repayment of the debt, payment for services, or other mutual settlements.


This day promises Capricorns good news, useful ideas, and successful contacts, adds eloquence to them, broadens their horizons, and strengthens the authority of their opinions. Training sessions, research, targeted trips, and personal conversations will have a good effect. The right moment for intermediate conclusions, preliminary applications, and processing of texts and codes. You can reflect on an old original project.


Today, Aquarius’s gaze may be drawn to a situation in their home, homeland, or group of friends. Probably a positive development. The day is good for a collective gathering, receiving guests, talking with a member of the household, an old friend, or an attorney. Excessive optimism and a craving for “broad gestures” may appear: excessive hospitality and generosity, expansion of territory, overeating, love of love, and wastefulness.


Today, Pisces can count on a lucky find, a lucky turn of circumstances, or a slight expansion of opportunities. There is a high probability of good news, confirmation of being right, and moral support from a forgotten source. An old friend, client, or former colleague may appear on the horizon in a very timely manner, reminding you of a useful idea or offering to renew cooperation.

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