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Daily Horoscope 28th October 2023


In the first half of the day, Aries may not be very lucky; they risk facing the fruits of their own double game or an inappropriate joke. There is a high probability of a bad mood and the influence of bad habits of the past. The second half of the day may bring news related to mutual settlements, business, debts, or property, give rise to discussion, fuss, or contact with the tax office.


It makes sense for Taurus to restrain their impulses in the morning. No matter how much you want to enter into controversy or make a spectacular step on your own or a collective name, it is better to wait until the second half of the day: it is at this time that any initiative will be successful and will cause a warm response in the right circles. It is likely that in the evening a dispute will break out or competition will intensify, and you will have to defend your authority, rights, or views.


For Gemini, today promises to be a more eventful afternoon. At this time, additional troubles and reasons for fuss may appear, and the likelihood of an emergency, an urgent business trip, or a heated discussion will increase. You may need to contact customer service for technical support. There is a chance to earn money, but expenses may also increase, and you may have to spend part of your reserve funds.


The stars tell Cancers that today it is better for them to avoid unnecessary fuss in the first half of the day: the likelihood of receiving a prize at this time is small, but the risk of reaching a dead end or adding to their problems increases. Fortunately, in the second half of the day, things will begin to be exactly the opposite: even in a critical situation, the chance of victory or luck will increase, sometimes contrary to logic. Perhaps influential friends will help.


At the beginning of this day, the stars advise Leos not to rush things, to wait for news, and to save their strength. An important moment is more likely in the second half of the day. It is at this time that a responsible meeting, a bold step, or a fateful meeting can take place. It is worth considering the likelihood of an acute crisis, dispute, stress, trauma, or dramatic surprise. Problems cannot be ruled out due to large demands and ambitions.


Today, the stars recommend that Virgos behave as carefully as possible in the first half of the day. No matter how acute the problem, it is better to wait for a favorable moment, which will certainly appear in the late afternoon. The second half of the day creates the prerequisites for a successful exit from a critical situation thanks to personal talents or a lucky chance, including in communicating with foreigners and traveling.


Today, luck often comes to Libra through access to collective resources, a successful investment, or a share in a large project. There is hope to succeed or “stay afloat” thanks to wealthy partners and a joint budget. It is possible to receive solid dividends, an unexpected happy solution to the issue of debt, tax, or loan. Important events and news are more likely in the afternoon.


This morning it is better for Scorpios to go about their routine, and in the evening to be fully armed with their eloquence, business dexterity, and personal charisma: they may have to react to external events, answer questions, argue, coordinate interests, or compete. It is important not to forget about diplomacy so as not to turn your friends into enemies. You should not see ridicule or provocation where there is none.


Sagittarius should enjoy relative freedom at the beginning of this day, as the second half can become quite troublesome. The likelihood of urgent matters and news from work will increase. There may be a need for an urgent business trip, another upgrade or meeting in connection with hot news, an assistant, or an exchange of services. Health, nutrition, or supplies may require attention.


At the beginning of the day, Capricorns should minimize stress and refrain from undertakings, as well as monitor their mood and try not to spoil relationships with loved ones without a good reason. The second half of the day is the most successful, informative, and productive: it will indicate the source of hope and success, help improve the progress of affairs, bring news or gifts, and give a chance in love or financial affairs.


The stars tell Aquarius that today’s important events are more likely to happen in the afternoon, but certain signs of them are possible already in the morning. Do not ignore signs, omens, and sensations, especially unpleasant ones. The day may be marked by important news, a meeting, a proposal, a dispute, a share of risk, or a difficult decision. Good changes, including changes at home, will require some kind of sacrifice, investment, or effort.


This morning, the stars advise Pisces to follow the news and in every possible way “keep abreast of events.” In the afternoon you may need to urgently hit the road or make contact with someone. Don’t be afraid of additional hassle: this is a chance to fulfill your hopes or realize part of your plans. Caution is needed in communication and on the road, as adventures and heated disputes are possible.

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