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Difficult Spring For 4 Zodiac Signs: The Blues Hit Them!

The days are finally getting longer again, the sun is showing up more and more often and the first crocuses are sprouting from the ground. Winter is slowly coming to an end and spring is just around the corner. And even though all of this should brighten our mood, many of us are falling into a kind of spring fatigue. This manifests itself in the form of listlessness, joylessness, or hopelessness. Some zodiac signs are particularly susceptible to a little spring blues. We’ll show you which zodiac signs are most affected.


People with the zodiac sign Cancer are quite emotional. After a long and dark winter, it’s not that easy for them to break out of their little bubble. Instead of adjusting positively to the new season and enjoying life, they first need a little time to get going. For them, the change of season often means a sentimental and, unfortunately, sometimes melancholic phase in which the zodiac sign reacts grumpily and irritably to external circumstances. Me-time should not be neglected now to bring yourself back into balance. Journaling, for example, can help here to become aware of how many positive things are happening in life.


Capricorn-born people are quite susceptible to stress. While they were able to simply withdraw from social life a bit in the past few months, this usually doesn’t work so well at the beginning of spring. After all, almost everyone else seems inspired by the good weather and the longer days and demands for personal interaction. Capricorns quickly feel overwhelmed by this and would prefer to simply withdraw further. Inside themselves, they then fall into a negative spiral of excessive demands and loneliness from which they need to break out.


People born in Libra are easily influenced, not only by other people but also by the season and the associated weather. Now you might think that spring would immediately bring you a good mood – unfortunately not. Because scales are also pretty comfortable and have made themselves really comfortable over the winter. They don’t like the fact that they now have to get out of their comfort zone again – which quickly leads to a bad mood.


Those born in Pisces are the most sensitive signs of the zodiac and it is therefore no surprise to us that they often suffer from mood swings in spring. The vitamin D stores were completely used up over the winter and now we need to replenish them. By the way, this works best with vitamin tablets . In the meantime, it’s hard for the zodiac sign to pick itself up and get started in the new season. They quickly react uncontrollably to stressful situations or new things in general because they feel completely overwhelmed. The zodiac sign lacks courage and drive, but don’t worry, it will come back.

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