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Difficult Week Ahead For These Zodiac Signs: Things Will Get Better For Them On March 19

Which 3 zodiac signs will have an unlucky week until March 19?

Sometimes we need to take matters into our own hands and cause luck to come our way. But if we feel unlucky whatever we do, it may be due to the influence of the planets on our astrological sign. Indeed, the wheel turns and each time the stars favor or disadvantage certain constellations compared to others. Do you wonder if you are one of the natives who will be unlucky this week? Take a look below!


If you were born under the sign of Gemini, you must be particularly vigilant these days! You could be going through a difficult time with the entry of the Full Moon into the sign of Virgo, which will bring its share of anxiety and sadness. Try to give yourself moments of relaxation and distraction to recharge your batteries before facing the busy days that await you! With Saturn transiting the sign of Pisces, be prepared to face setbacks until March 19, so focus on yourself as much as you can. This will help you forget about any problems that may arise. That said, do not hesitate to lean on the people who provide you with stability and support. The harmony of your surroundings can also positively influence your mood and improve your difficult daily life. Also, remember that this difficult time will not last forever. With a little patience and courage, you will be able to overcome all obstacles and emerge even stronger from this ordeal!


Dear natives of the sign of Virgo, you are the second on the list! During this week, prepare to go through a difficult period. Saturn’s transit of Aquarius into the sign of Pisces could negatively impact you, causing significant personal issues that could last at least until March 19th. Moreover, with Mercury soon arriving in Aries; you may feel sad and full of doubts, but know that this situation will not last long! Be careful at work and avoid putting yourself in embarrassing or complicated situations, especially with your superiors. The entry of the Full Moon into your sign could lead you to see the glass half empty rather than half full in the coming days. But don’t get discouraged, these obstacles are only temporary and you will be able to overcome them brilliantly! Just trust yourself. Moreover, your entourage, especially your friends, will be there to reach out to you. Together, you can move mountains!


It’s your turn Sagittarius! Yes, the news is not good this time around. The passage of Saturn in Pisces could have a negative influence on your constellation and you could encounter some complications until March 19th. The stars advise you not to rush either in love or at work. Just keep in mind that everything happens in its time and avoid making hasty decisions! Don’t rely on advice from strangers, think before you agree to anything, especially if it’s a contract. With Mercury moving into Aries in the coming days, be wary, as someone might want to take advantage of your generosity and naivety to play tricks on you. However, do not forget that after the rain comes good weather, and therefore serenity will return to your life sooner or later. Be patient, you’ll just have to grit your teeth for a little while and you’ll be fine after that. This negative situation will soon fade away. Show your best smile and keep moving forward peacefully!

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