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Discover The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Will Be The Luckiest In January 2024

The celestial sphere guides us into a new chapter as we complete another tour around the sun. With the arrival of the new year, hopeful cosmic energy manifests, offering motivating renewal for everyone, according to January 2024 horoscopes for all zodiac signs.

The month begins under the influence of Capricorn, bringing the discipline characteristic of this earth sign. The end of Mercury retrograde on January 1 brings mental clarity, stimulating new ideas to fuel our New Year’s resolutions.

On January 4, Mars joins the sun in Capricorn, infusing bold energy to capitalize on this new beginning. The new moon in Capricorn on January 11th officially marks the time to set our goals for the year ahead. On January 13, Mercury returns to Capricorn, favoring the concretization of plans and the expert development of to-do lists. The planets are converging to support the implementation of our resolutions in this new year, providing an auspicious time to realize our aspirations.

The transition from Capricorn to Aquarius on January 20 is marked by intense action from Pluto. At the start of the day, Pluto aligns with the sun, triggering a powerful purge of underlying motivations. In the evening, Aquarius takes over, inaugurating an innovative and avant-garde atmosphere. That same evening, Pluto reactivates some of the subtle changes initiated in the spring of the previous year. Welcome to Aquarius season.

However, in January 2024, four zodiac signs will be the luckiest, find out who they are:

Here’s what these 4 zodiac signs can expect, based on your Sun sign and/or rising sign:


If you are ready to take your career up a notch in January 2024, know that your Aries horoscope will provide full support to your efforts. Things kick off with your cosmic ruler, Mars, boosting your ambitious tenth house on January 4, endowing you with great tenacity to achieve your professional goals or take on new projects.

A magical opportunity presents itself on January 11 with the new moon in your professional sector, allowing you to ask for a raise or pursue more lucrative opportunities. Your success is within reach! This week, energizing Mars will also connect with lucky Jupiter in your financial sector, pushing abundance in your favor.

With Aquarius season kicking off on January 20, it’s the perfect time to reconnect with your social circle and reconnect with friends after the holidays. It’s also a good time for networking, so turn on your charms and start making useful connections.

Sparks will fly under the full moon in Leo on January 25, but you can use this fiery drama to your advantage. Gather all the excitement and channel it towards your exciting and visionary plans. You might even discover collaborators ready to put their talents to work for your efforts.


Your Gemini horoscope for January 2024 is off to a strong start with the end of the retrograde of your ruling planet, Mercury, in your relationship sector on January 1st.

This greatly facilitates communication with partners and reaching pleasant compromises throughout the first half of the month. However, this period is not limited to resolving superficial misunderstandings. You’ll also need to explore what lies beneath the surface of your closest relationships, especially with the January 11 new moon reaching your intimate eighth house, closely followed by Mercury heading in that direction two days later.

What have you learned about your closest bonds during this retrograde? Now is the time to set boundaries accordingly. Take advantage of the coming week to tap into your intuition, because sometimes your hunches can be just as useful as hard facts.

January 20 promises to be an exciting day with the start of the Aquarius season, illuminating your soul-expanding ninth house. With the sun in another air sign, this awakens your thirst for knowledge and inspires you to dream big.

However, the January 25 full moon reminds you that to manifest your most magical dream future, you’ll need to start by mapping out the details little by little. Don’t let your ego stop you from doing the less glamorous job!


Your cosmic ruling planet, Mercury, completed its retrograde period on New Year’s Day. So it’s safe to say that your Virgo January 2024 horoscope looks promising.

On January 4, energizing Mars joins the sun in your romantic and joyful fifth house, motivating you to prioritize more passion and playtime in your life. Remember, not all goals need to be focused on productivity! Set things in motion under the new moon on January 11.

Luck is on your side in January, so take a risk and sprinkle some adventure into your life, just for fun. If you follow your heart, the universe might reward you with exciting surprises.

Once Aquarius season begins on January 20, you’ll feel called to get back into your daily routine and get organized. As you get back into the swing of things after the holidays, focus on creating more joy and free time in your schedule to balance your other responsibilities.

The full moon on January 25 will be intense, and it’s a good time to introspect and think privately about your plans for the year. The only thing standing between you and your goals is your inner critic, dear Virgo, so overcome those doubts and limiting thoughts. You will be able to complete everything you do.


The sun is in your sign during the first weeks of the month, paving the way for extra-sparkling starts in your January 2024 Capricorn horoscope.

You’ll feel a burst of invigorating energy once Mars reaches your sign on January 4, so keep up the momentum of your New Year’s resolutions.

The first new moon of the year takes place in your sign on January 11, so set intentions and challenge yourself to exceed your perceived limitations. Mars makes a lucky connection with the abundant planet Jupiter alongside this lunation, reminding you that anything is possible. And once Mercury reaches your sign two days later, you’ll have even more clarity about your next steps. It’s your season, so make the most of it!

January 20 is a big day, as the Sun joins intensity-loving Pluto in your sign for the last time in our lives. You have undergone a slow but significant transformation over the past fifteen years, and as these two planets collide, you will be able to see the changes within yourself more clearly than ever.

Give yourself time to process these changes under the full moon on January 25. This offers a chance to explore deep within yourself and deal with some emotional baggage once and for all.

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