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Today’s Horoscope 25th May 2023


For you Arietini, there is an easy aspect of our satellite today… Thanks to the new transit, you are considered a driving force in the professional environment. Your leadership characteristics allow you to get right in an argument.


This Thursday, for the Torellis, a difficult aspect of the Moon continues… In your profession, one might think that you are a bit naive because you don’t notice that someone belittles your work. Don’t let yourself be underestimated: you have worked hard and deserve respect.


For you Geminis, follow a comfortable aspect of the night star this Thursday! Your quotes go up. You are seen as a positive character both by your superiors and by someone you like physically. You can do things that most people find unfeasible today!


This Thursday, your patron star transits, for you Cancers, in the second house. With relatives and friends of the longest standing, it is better to listen with your ears pricked up: you could get news that is convenient for you in everyday life and that you would not have suspected.


A cheerful conjunction of the Moon continues, for you of Leo, this Thursday. If there’s something that was forgotten but you care about, these are the right days to bring it out and bring it to fruition. You have the energy to be successful.


You indeed like being the center of attention, but you mustn’t trespass on egocentrism. A balance must be found between the demands of others and those of the people you care about. For you, Virgos, the Moon is always in the astrological House of Hidden Adversity this Thursday…


Our satellite is still in positive transit, for your air sign, this Thursday… We notice a certain enthusiasm in your way of doing, both as regards your profession and your personal affairs. If you go out to meet people in the evening, your enthusiasm will hit her.


This Thursday, for you Scorpios, the Moon is still in dissonant disposition… Be careful not to force yourself too much if you play sports: energies are not what they seem. Don’t be ashamed to treat yourself to some relaxation. Even in feelings, don’t be afraid to ask for a break.


For Sagittarius, a favorable position of our satellite is underway, on the day favorable to your sign. Your talent is evident. Put enthusiasm into everything you do and be very interesting for an attractive person who does not like laziness at all.


This Thursday, through Capricorn, the Moon transits, for the second day, in the House of Change… Are you sure you’ve made amends for all the times you’ve been unfriendly towards your loved one in recent weeks? At work, new perspectives open up.


On this day, our satellite is always in a complicated position for Aquarius. Just you, who love individual freedom, may find yourself acting jealous. Are you sure the person you’re interested in has done something to justify your suspicion?


On your positive day of the week, the Moon is in your Pisces astrological house of momentum! The profession is indeed giving you unexpected satisfactions, but it is in your private life that you will get the best benefits! Those who are in a relationship organize a different evening.

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