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These 4 Zodiac Signs Have A Really Bad Streak In May

A look at the stars can tell us whether a month is going well for us. Or indicate whether the opposite is the case. In the end, this also has an advantage – because if we know what is in store for us, we can at least try to make the best of it. You can find out here which four zodiac signs have to expect a bit of bad luck in May and how they can counteract it.


Sagittarius-born people can thank Neptune that May isn’t exactly their best month. The planet always creates nervousness inside you, which just doesn’t let you calm down and makes you feel bad – no matter what you do. The good news: This will pass! Things will go better for you next month.


The zodiac sign Scorpio should take a step back in May. The star constellation ensures that there are always obstacles in your path that you will quickly stumble over if you are too hectic. So give yourself a little rest and think twice before you act – then you’ll get through the month better!


Anyone born under the zodiac sign Libra has to expect a few obstacles in May – especially when it comes to health. You may be a little more vulnerable now, which makes it even more important to pay attention to your body’s signals. Your emotions are also on a roller coaster this month and are keeping you on your toes. Unfortunately, May is not your best month – but that will improve!


For those born in Taurus, Mercury is the bogeyman in May. Even if the planet is no longer retrograde, it causes the zodiac sign to have negative feelings, which manifest themselves in them feeling more pressured. The solution? Don’t let the cosmic influences get you down, be patient and not too strict with yourself, and allow yourself enough relaxation. You’re fine the way you are!

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