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Purposefulness. There is a danger that doubts will prevent you from taking a step that could direct your life in the right direction. As soon as you have a great idea, you will rush to call it hopeless and immediately abandon it. Don’t give up so easily. You just need to start and do something every day to reach your goal. Since your sector of goals is now under the sign of Aries, with a well-thought-out strategy, you can go far.

Lucky days: 3.02, 4.02.


Communication. A great time to meet like-minded people who share your interests. And also an ideal period for meeting people who can help you discover your talents. Do you have a big dream? Take at least small steps towards its realization, otherwise, it may melt away like a fog. You will have to leave your comfort zone and explore other paths besides the tried and true ones. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Lucky days: 2.02, 3.02.


Quarrel. If someone annoys you now, the opposition of the Sun and Mars can provoke an open conflict. However, there is a small chance that you will not want to speak out, you will simply remain silent. And it will be the best solution. Instinct will help to catch luck by the tail, and you will get real pleasure from this exciting hunt. Perhaps some important secret will be revealed soon, do not miss this moment.

Lucky days: 31.01, 2.02


Work. In your professional life, you now have much more opportunities than you think – thanks to the position of Mars in your zodiac sign. If there is a situation that you cannot resolve in any way, one of your colleagues will persuade you to keep trying. Don’t give up, take action. The limits that hinder you are just the obstacles that you set for yourself. Great time to make deals.

Lucky days: 3.02, 5.02


Friendship. You will doubt the honesty of a friend or an old friend. The conversations you engage in to discover the truth can be confusing and stressful. Do you want to know what is going on? You only need to ask the most direct question that will give you peace of mind. Time management and a fresh look at your habits will transform your everyday life. You will do much more than usual and you will not get tired at all.

Lucky days: 1.02, 4.02


Perspectives. The sector of creativity and self-expression in your zodiac sign will receive an additional impetus, Mercury will awaken the passion for self-expression. If you run a small business, are creative, or love original activities, this week is worth planning in these areas. You will become very talkative – thanks to the sparkling conversation, you can even start a romantic relationship.

Lucky days: 30.01, 1.02


Originality. Someone may try to force an emotional argument on you. Your first impulse will be to fight back aggressively, and that will make things worse. The wisest strategy right now is to be patient and back off until things settle down. At the very least, try not to take everything to heart. Whatever you do, the key to success this week is to think outside the box, look for new ways to overcome difficulties, and solve problems.

Lucky days: 31.01, 3.02


Exposure. The Moon in angular aspect with Neptune hints at a secret that may accidentally be revealed. There is a good chance that you will be confused by this event. But is it that bad? Perhaps, when the weight of the mystery falls from your shoulders, you will experience a sense of relief. The main thing is not to turn off the chosen path. Show a little confidence and perseverance, and soon the obstacles will disappear and the way forward will open.

Lucky days: 31.01, 4.02


Family. Someone close to you will start behaving strangely. You’ll only know why if you’re willing to ask specific questions. The interlocutor will try to evade the answer, but be persistent – and you can split him. The relationship doesn’t seem to be moving forward despite your best efforts. Don’t worry, this is temporary, things will get better soon. To defuse the situation, arrange a family dinner with tea, pastries, and heart-to-heart conversations.

Lucky days: 1.02, 5.02


Change. Resisting innovation at home or work can be very energy-intensive. Trying to cling to the past will lead you to a dead end. Get over your fears and insecurities. Accepting fresh ideas may seem too risky, but it will untie your hands. If you decide to do this, you will need to show flexibility and the ability to take advantage of new opportunities. Then fate will open the door to a beautiful, prosperous future for you.

Lucky days: 31.01, 2.02


Tonus. The combination of cosmic energies this week will be both exhausting and enjoyable for you. You may be too hard on yourself when exercising or when it comes to dieting. Do not be too zealous, it can take energy from more productive things. Be kind to yourself. Practice visualization to form a clear picture of your dream in your head, it will motivate you. Look for answers in your dreams.

Lucky days: 1.02, 4.02


Relations. A tense aspect between the Sun and Mars will shake things up. You will find that even the most innocent remarks cause aggression in your partner and turn a simple misunderstanding into drama. It is in your power to prevent a crisis. If you behave kindly, it will disarm him, and the storm will die down by itself. At work, participation in collective projects will become paramount for you. Prove to others that they underestimated you.

Lucky days: 30.01, 31.01

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