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change. Morally tune in to the fact that significant changes will occur in the usual course of your life. Alas, they will be accompanied by unplanned financial expenses. You may even have to open your emergency supply. But you will solve many problems thanks to money, and it will pay off very quickly. So don’t be greedy and don’t get upset. Now is not the right time to quietly make savings.

Lucky days: 23.01, 29.01


Work. Do not drive horses and do not invent trouble where there is none. The absence of the usual stress and a large professional workload is not always an alarming signal. You can now perceive stability and a smooth flow of affairs as stagnation. It also upsets you a lot that your salary has not changed for several years. Therefore, you can easily agree to the proposal to change the field of activity. Take your time, this could be a mistake.

Lucky days: 24.01. 25.01


Trips. You may encounter serious obstacles on a journey that you have long planned and prepared for. Especially if you are trying to travel outside your country and do not have a large amount of money. It is better to postpone the trip than to go into debt. Perhaps you will have a great need for a change of scenery. Do it at the lowest cost. For example, on weekends, go to a suburban boarding house or the country.

Lucky days: 24.01, 28.01


Conflicts. Communication problems may arise. Disagreements with friends are likely if you are conducting joint projects with them, investing money there. Most likely, you will not receive the income you expected: business cooperation in this case will not meet your expectations. You will be very upset and for this reason, you can easily break friendships. Try to restrain your emotions, and think before you say or do something.

Lucky days: 25.01, 29.01


Partnership. You started the year actively and energetically, full of hope and ambitious plans. But don’t be fooled. Perhaps you think that the agreements that you have concluded this week are very successful. It is necessary to have a simpler attitude to the business ties that are now being established. They are promising, but not enough to put everything at stake. It is better to think about changing the scope of activity – this may be the most correct step.

Lucky days: 27.01, 28.01


Health. An ailment that you now perceive as short-lived can, with insufficient care, develop into a chronic one. This is especially true for those who have kidney problems or are diagnosed with diabetes. Do not try to get help in the most expensive clinics – the point is the professionalism of doctors. Ask your friends, and choose a specialist on the recommendation. Pay close attention to your diet. Eliminate heavy foods from your diet.

Lucky days: 24.01, 29.01


Family. The week will not please with harmony and peace. You will have to use all your natural diplomacy and intervene in a family quarrel. Perhaps between the older generation of your family and the youngest, the tension will reach the limit. Don’t try to resolve the conflict by any means. Now nothing will help like an explosion, a domestic revolution, and the renewal of relations that follows – all this within the same family. Be patient and be wise.

Lucky days: 23.01, 27.01


House. Even if you are not very fond of housekeeping, now you have to spend a lot of time on arranging your own home. Relax and enjoy it. Strive to make your home comfortable, and get rid of unnecessary, broken, and out of order. Do not rush to take out old things in a landfill. You can profitably sell a lot through specialized sites on the Internet. The purchase of home decorations is welcome.

Lucky days: 25.01, 29.01


Information. The ability to easily and quickly find a common language with a variety of people is your natural superpower. Use it this week, because now you will communicate more than usual. It is from the people who will meet on your way in the coming week that you will receive the most important information. Although at first, you may underestimate her. A good time to get the necessary skills and knowledge in short courses.

Lucky days: 24.01, 27.01


Money. You are used to taking care of the material well-being of your family, for you, it is as natural as breathing. Use the favorable opportunities that open up to strengthen your financial situation. A period begins when your income will be greater than at other times. It will last about a month. Try not to spend too much – buy only things that you will use for a long time. You better start saving and learn to invest.

Lucky days: 25.01, 29.01


Responsibility. You are now serious about everything you do. True, variability of mood and well-being is likely, which may affect the decisions you make. Be consistent and don’t change your position every half hour. Give up cardinal changes in appearance: it is possible that tomorrow you will not like the result, but new ideas will arise. Better focus on buying clothes. Keep your receipts just in case.

Lucky days: 25.01, 27.01


Solitude. During this period, you will refuse invitations to guests, parties, and cultural events. And it is right. The most comfortable thing for you now is alone with yourself. It’s time to reflect on the events of recent months, draw conclusions and abandon erroneous actions. In the end, just sleep. If you have the opportunity, take a rest in a sanatorium or a comfortable boarding house, where you can shift household chores onto other people’s shoulders.

Lucky days: 27.01, 29.01

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