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These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Extremely Anxious

Everyone is afraid of something – be it heights, spiders, or flying. That’s just part of life. And of course: sometimes you have to dare to do something! According to the horoscope, this hardly happens with some zodiac signs because they are anxious.

Whether it’s spiders, before the next presentation, or the first date with the man of your dreams – there are situations where you are simply afraid. For some, however, this is quite exaggerated: they don’t dare to do anything and are the biggest scaredy cats. This is especially true for three zodiac signs among the twelve zodiac signs.

These 3 zodiac signs are the biggest scaredy cats


Virgos are very perfectionistic – that’s no longer a secret. She likes to plan things and have them under control – if that’s not the case, she gets scared. The zodiac sign simply has to be well prepared – when unforeseeable events occur, they panic. Situations for which she cannot prepare to scare her!


Pisces can empathize with other people very well – they always empathize with those around them and want them to do well. But the zodiac sign is quite afraid of negative people. Because they are afraid of being slowed down by this. In general, the Astro sign has a huge fear of being let down – they practically always have this fear.


Cancer thinks about a lot of things. And they’re always worried – whether it’s their loved ones or at work. They also don’t dare to take on many challenges because the zodiac sign is too afraid – Cancer also tends to reject new career prospects. The zodiac sign also has problems approaching new people. They feel comfortable in their familiar surroundings. New things? He’d rather not do that…

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