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Horoscope for the week of December 19-25: Which zodiac signs will have the best period this year

A week full of challenges is coming! Find out what the stars have in store for you this week and see how to attract luck to your side!


You had made your plans and predictions for this period, but the account at home does not match the one at the fair and the money is late in appearing. You will manage to find a solution and supplement your income for the last hundred meters.
You want a change in your married life. It seems to you that monotony has set in and you don’t see how things can continue to work. In any case, you should think twice if you really want to do this because once you open this topic, things will never be the same.

Single Libras feel the need for change, but choose to redecorate or renew their wardrobe.

It’s a week in which nothing interesting happens on a sentimental level.


This is not the time for expensive purchases, and even though you know it, you can’t resist because you are aware that you won’t come across this offer anytime soon. Fortunately, on one hand you give and on the other you get. You will receive a Christmas bonus!

On a sentimental level, you finally decide to take the bull by the horns and declare your feelings to the person you’ve already liked for some time.

Think carefully before you do this because this moment must be memorable. If you feel that you are not able to tell him face to face, maybe you write him a letter in classic style.

Christmas will come with an extra magic over this moment and crown this unforgettable week!


You can’t understand how it is that you spent more than you received. You blame it on the gifts you bought everyone and think of a way to cut back on spending during the Holidays.

You have quarrels as a couple because of money because you spent more than you planned and destabilized the budget.

Unfortunately, you have no way to solve this problem in time and you will have to find an emergency solution: borrow some money from friends.

Sagittarians looking for a partner have plenty to choose from. A few options appear on the horizon and he just has to choose who to give credit to. Hard decision!
You had a difficult time professionally and you are eager for a change. Moreover, you want this change to feel like a plus financially. It wouldn’t hurt to take a few days off to sit and look at all your options and see if you can do more.

Capricorns who are in a relationship have to face reality. They kept avoiding certain discussions and hiding disturbing things, so now it’s too late to do that.

Things must be discussed as soon as possible!

Single Capricorns face a lack of self-confidence, a situation from which they see no escape. It’s just a worse moment this week. It will pass as the weekend approaches.


A conflict escalates at work and you get involved. It would be ideal to think carefully before you act or speak because what you will do or say could cost you…literally.

You think about your ex and are tempted to contact him/her.

Although the relationship did not end on friendly terms, you need answers and fall prey to this temptation. Things might work out, but it might not be a good idea to go back to the relationship that didn’t work out in the past. For the same reasons it will fail this time.

Aquarians who are already in a solid relationship enjoy peace and dedication from their partner and have serious discussions about the future.


You reap what you sow! You are enjoying the money coming from a direction you did not take into account.

You helped someone in the past, collaborated on a project, played on the stock market or bought cryptocurrencies, it is certain that you will wake up with a nice profit!

On a sentimental level, Pisces who are in a relationship feel haunted by their partner’s problems and dramas. You don’t like people who complain and make a case about everything, and it seems that you have built your life around such a person. Ideally, you should calmly say what is bothering you and not slip into endless arguments.

Single Pisces receive an invitation from a friend and follow through, having no idea what awaits them.

They might come across a person who will turn their world upside down. Remains to be seen!

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