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Horoscope For The Week Of November 13-19.

They told us what to do to cope with the difficulties of the week and take advantage of the chances.


Pause. This week the Moon passes through the ambition sector of the Aries horoscope. This means that the thoughts of the representatives of the sign will be focused on tasks that need to be solved quickly for everything to go as usual. More urgent matters can distract you from the current agenda: if you don’t allocate time, they will take a lot of energy. The position of the stars relative to the fire sign says that Aries should be kinder to themselves and not be overloaded with work. Ideally, try to pause during the day for at least 15-20 minutes. You can take a walk while listening to music or find a secluded place to sit in silence. After such a distraction, work will be more pleasant.

Lucky days: 11/13, 11/14


Hope. The energy of the Moon will help you soberly assess some difficult situations that will arise this week. The decision on it will indicate where to move next. Due to retrograde Jupiter, an important matter will be delayed. This is because the planet responsible for friendliness and resourcefulness begins to mirror its positive aspects during its retrograde motion: at this time it is more difficult to build communication and generate ideas. Failure in business will give Taurus the idea that nothing will work out, but they cannot let it take hold. By the end of the week, everything will begin to move in the right direction: the main thing is to be patient and not lose hope.

Lucky days: 11/15, 11/17


Job. During this period, Gemini will fulfill their professional duties with special zeal. Representatives of the sign will be true to their words more than ever and will try to do everything they promised. Such diligence will not go unnoticed: the chances of improving your financial condition and work prospects will increase. Gemini’s ability to negotiate and conquer their interlocutors with charm will add charm and help them achieve goals.

Lucky days: 11/15, 11/17


Communication. No matter how much Cancers love to sit at home, in their cozy warm nest, this week they will have to go out into public. Representatives of the sign will most likely be invited to an important event. Even if the theme of the party does not interest them, it is better not to miss such an event. Socializing at a party will give or strengthen connections with influential people. In addition, Cancers’ natural intuition can lead them to tempting opportunities.

Lucky days: 11/17, 11/19


Rest. At this time, some plans may be rapidly approaching a happy ending. But there will also be those that stall a little. At the same time, Leos needs to calmly perceive such a turn: read it as a hint of development. Fate thus seems to hint that Leos made less effort than required. Vacation will allow the natural genius of people of this sign to be distracted and find a solution to the problem. If it’s not possible to step away from work for a week or two, then taking a day off during the week or a weekend out of town will do. Rest must be real: without thoughts about work.

Lucky days: 11/18, 11/19


Update. Most likely, Virgo will have a short trip this week. Communication with people from other countries will give representatives of this sign food for thought. Virgos will also benefit from meeting someone new. Perhaps these will be unusual people who have traveled a lot or done what Virgos have long dreamed of. Renewing the circle of acquaintances will give people of the earth interesting ideas and non-standard thoughts.

Lucky days: 11/14, 11/18


Relatives . Close relatives will require special attention. So this week, Libra will focus on the joys and problems of their family. Caring for loved ones like this will take a lot of energy. It may take some time before Libra can breathe out and rest. At the end of the week, some interesting people may invite you to visit. This will probably be just the respite that Libra will begin to desperately need: so on the weekend, they will be able to partially restore their strength while enjoying good company.

Lucky days: 11/15, 11/18


Emotions. At work and home, there may be an imbalance between the desire to give and take. Scorpios will either be too demanding or too caring. This behavior of representatives of the sign can cause some tension in relationships with loved ones. If Scorpios do not control their emotions, communication may go according to an unplanned scenario. But the right words spoken at the right moment will stabilize the situation and point to a solution. So Scorpios will have to try very hard and be as diplomatic as possible in mid-November.

Lucky days: 11/17, 11/19


Friendship. Sagittarius may begin to worry about a problem related to one of their friends. In order not to be tormented by guesswork, representatives of the sign should talk frankly with a friend and discuss everything that worries them. If you have Libra among your family or other friends, it is better to enlist their advice: the support of this sign will help Sagittarius choose the right words in an important conversation for them.

Lucky days: 11/15, 11/18


Love. The feelings that Capricorns have for their partner will overwhelm them this week. You shouldn’t be afraid of this, but you shouldn’t give in to these emotions too much. After all, Venus is now in the tense zone of the Capricorn horoscope: this can create some illusions. In other words, intuition can fail the representatives of the sign. Therefore, when making important decisions, Capricorns need to focus only on dry facts. It will not be difficult to fulfill this requirement, because such behavior is very typical for people of this sign.

Lucky days: 11/16, 11/18


Anxiety. Getting too emotionally involved in solving pressing issues can be very draining. Therefore, Aquarians need to stress themselves out less and focus on unpleasant thoughts. Otherwise, you will be tormented by anxiety all week. You can take your mind off anxiety through sports: any physical activity will have a good effect. There is a possibility that during this period Aquarians will find themselves at the center of a conflict: an active hobby will also help relieve stress associated with misunderstandings in the team.

Lucky days: 11/13, 11/16


Argument. Pisces will have to remember the ability to bite their tongue in time to spare someone’s feelings. If representatives of the sign continue to be sarcastic and throw reproaches, things may lead to a serious confrontation: no matter how stubborn and savvy Pisces are, they will not be able to beat their opponent. There are also some troubles to be resolved in your personal life. To prevent the relationship from collapsing, Pisces will have to take the initiative: find a way out of the impasse themselves and not run away from the problem.

Lucky days: 11/15, 11/18

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