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Zodiac Signs Most Prone To Depression

Cancer often gets depressed, Gemini – rarely, and Libra – easily copes with it. Aries by nature is a fighter, therefore depression for him is something strange and unprecedented. Leo depression covers only when there is no sun. For Virgo, depression is almost the second job. Well, Sagittarians generally joke and laugh, even when they are in deep depression …

Zodiac signs most prone to depression


You are famous for your optimism and quickly forget all the bad things that happen in life. You rise to your feet, gather your will into a fist and continue on your way even after the most severe storms and hurricanes. Nothing and no one can stop you or break you! You will not let depression into your life easily and simply. This requires something out of the ordinary, but even with this – over time, successfully cope.

If you fall into a state of depression, then you prefer to “drown” it in alcohol, however, this gets boring very quickly. In your opinion, the best remedy for depression is to get out of depression. And you know it like no other. Aries is a fighter by nature and is unlikely to let any suffering defeat him.


You stand firmly on the ground, so there is little that can drastically and permanently upset you. You are strong, persistent and do not allow anyone to disturb your stability. You avoid situations and people that cause anxiety and can pull the rug out from under you.

However, you are easily depressed if you are forced to make major changes in your life because you are conservative and not flexible enough. As soon as you feel that the ground is leaving from under your feet, you fall into a state of severe depression. At such moments, it is best to pause and move as far away from the people who upset you as possible. If things have gone too far, they may have to say goodbye forever.


You like to move, hang out, and socialize, so depression has no chance. She just won’t follow you! An innate sense of humor and laughter, as well as curiosity, are the best medicines for sadness and reflection. You know how to laugh at yourself and your fears like no other.

However, because you try to do everything and everywhere, you often forget about your own needs and needs: skipping breakfast and lunch, eating junk food, etc. Such a lifestyle cannot but affect health. First of all, the nervous system suffers, which can lead to depression.


You are too sensitive, so you need solitude from time to time to heal wounds in peace. Sometimes, however, this is not possible, because the negative – covers with a head. And since you are quite closed and keep everything to yourself, depression is right there. Therefore, it is recommended to monitor yourself very carefully to leave in time when you feel that you are not able to cope with everything.

If you don’t, then depression is guaranteed. Therefore, try to escape to nature whenever possible – this is the best medicine for you.


Every day for you is a new opportunity for success and achievement, but when this does not happen for quite a long time, even Leo can become depressed. Failures, mistakes, blunders – all this contributes to a bad mood and the darkest thoughts. And it’s not far from depression.

You are very weather sensitive, so you feel bad in winter or on cloudy days. The fact is that Leo cannot live without the sun.

Your salvation from depression is a few sunny days or a vacation on the seashore in the hot summer. Just a few days – and depression, as it happened. The more sun in your life, the happier, more confident, and more irresistible you feel. So beware of clouds and gray days – these are your first enemies.


How can you get depressed when you have a bunch of projects, tasks, and work? There just shouldn’t be time for it. Virgo is so busy that she shouldn’t get depressed. However, it is the multitasking and never-ending work that causes her anxious thoughts and depression.

You should take care not only of work and responsibilities but first of all of yourself. Fatigue is what destroys you, and causes depression. So try not to push yourself too hard, because sooner or later you will collapse exhausted.

Do not forget that you are alone, so take care and cherish. Rest as soon as you feel tired. Do not forget that you still cannot redo all the work, and work, as you know, is not a wolf – it will not run away into the forest.


Your innate tendency to balance and harmony helps you not to go to extremes and balance between them quite easily. Depression is not new to you, but you seem to deal with any form of it much more easily than others. You enjoy pampering yourself and others, and you always look for the positive and the bright in every situation.

When disharmony and strife begin to bother you, it is better to retire to restore strength and balance. Treat yourself to something nice or admire something beautiful that makes you happy.


Deep down, you despise your weaknesses, as well as the weaknesses of other people. That is why you always try to be strong and cope with any tasks, no matter how impossible they may seem. Outwardly, you are always cold and restrained, in addition, you control yourself perfectly. True, not always: when they get too much, you can “bite”.

Storms and hurricanes of the most conflicting feelings can rage inside you, but no one even notices. However, if this state lasts for a long time, you can fall into a depression that you will not even suspect. Therefore, try to prevent such situations: indulge yourself in pleasant things and activities, and also stay away from people and situations that upset you.


You are always active, constantly on the move, so if problems are possible, it is only because of excessive optimism, and not because of depression. Boredom and monotony – that’s what infuriates you and infuriates you. Try to treat any situation with humor and get out of it in the same way. Smile as often as possible – this is your salvation. It is important to occupy yourself with something new and unknown, which is the best preventive measure against depression. Expand your horizons, travel, dream, and achieve your goals.


You are very disciplined and responsible. Both at work and in the family, you take on more responsibilities than others. And completely voluntarily and without pretending to be a victim. Plus, often you are a parent to your parents. Constant worry and too much commitment is guaranteed stress. And prolonged stress can lead you to depression, especially if there is chaos and confusion around.

To overcome this, you need to be in nature more and surround yourself with animals. Physical work, as well as creativity, are the sources of energy to move on.


You overreact to stressful situations, especially when things don’t go as planned. When you can’t solve a problem, despite your best efforts, you just withdraw into yourself and don’t talk to anyone. Depression and psychosomatic illnesses are often the results of unrealistic expectations and excessive demands on oneself.

It is important to feel in time that your “batteries” are running low. As soon as this happens, move away from people and closer to nature. Fresh air and gentle wind will dispel all your heavy thoughts.


You react very emotionally to situations that other people would not even pay attention to. At the same time without any reflections and healthy logic. That is why you often become a victim of depression, which catches up every time dreams and hopes collapse.

You can spend years in a state of apathy, with no desire to move or move forward. It is very important not to be alone in times when you are having a hard time. Choose friends who will support and inspire you. Do what you love and do not close at home, this is your salvation from depression.

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