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Horoscope: The Arrival Of April Brings Luck To These Two Astrological Signs

Who says change of month, says new beginning. To welcome April, the stars have decided to offer a beautiful gift to two astrological signs. Between luck and ambition, find out who will be the most fashionable pair of the week.

Mercury retrograde, eclipse season. The month of April promises to be particularly intense. If the arrival of spring highlights projects and creativity by increasing our energy tenfold, many changes are taking place. Should we be afraid of it? The answer is no. According to the horoscope of astrologer Jean-Yves Espié, good news and surprises await us. Two astrological signs are particularly concerned with celestial energies. Here are the winners of the cosmic lottery for the week of March 28th to April 3rd, 2024.


He is more popular than ever. Renowned for their enthusiasm and infectious good humor, Sagittarius is the darling of the week. It must be said that the presence of the Sun and Mercury in his friend Aries puts a smile on his face. The planets in the sign of Fire “bring you the energy which stimulates your need to move forward with the enthusiasm which attracts goodwill”, underlines the astrologer. A perfect opportunity to make yourself known. His talents shine, the negotiations go in his direction and the exchanges are constructive. There is no doubt that in the coming days, Sagittarius will be able to take advantage of this dynamic. “You will have no difficulty in changing blocked situations.

While Heaven is responsible for promoting their talents, on Earth, Sagittarius feels more confident in establishing their position. The Full Moon in Libra on March 25th suggested that she find the right balance between the need to take responsibility and the desire to listen a little more to her desires. It seems that the lesson has been well learned since everything suggests that this week, Sagittarius is taking the lead in a daring project. He establishes himself as the person we can count on to find solutions while motivating the rest of the team. “Distribute encouragement that motivates,” advises Jean-Yves Espié. His charisma will allow everyone to head straight toward success.


She is a good student of the zodiac so obviously when we tell her that she needs to stay focused, she does it. Virgo has everything to gain from not being “dispersed by undertaking too many things at the same time” this week because the stars have a precise plan. The planets of luck and that of revolution invite him to create a new dynamic to advance a daring project that will require his full attention. The astrologer summarizes: “Jupiter and Uranus in the sign of Earth continue their constructive and structuring influence to give substance to your projects. It’s time to make your desires come true and above all to see your past efforts be rewarded. “Your hard work will start to bear fruit,” he promises.

For this to happen, Virgo must stop hesitating. We must take action, and act. At least that’s what Mars in Pisces suggests: how to move forward towards the path you have chosen and how to succeed in releasing your creativity by listening a little more to your intuition. She, who is more of the Cartesian type, must learn to let go to trust herself. This is how she will see opportunities multiply and stars align. The astrologer is convinced, Virgo has a great card to play in the coming days: “You have the wind in your sails, this is an opportunity to be seized. All that remains is to dare to give impetus to this new momentum.

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