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Horoscope: The Arrival Of Gemini Season Brings Luck To These Two Astrological Signs

What do the stars have in store for us during the week of May 16 to 22, 2024? Who will be the signs most favored by the planets in the coming days? Discover the answer with Jean-Yves Espié’s horoscope.

Spring is now well established. The weather is nice and almost warm enough to want to reconnect with lightness. The month of May is full of (good) surprises, between bridges and cosmic energies which invite us to release our creativity, we are gradually reconnecting with the simple desire to enjoy the small, simple pleasures of life. A new dynamic is underway, a turning point is taking place. It would even be one of the most decisive periods of the year. Enough to motivate certain astrological signs to see life in pink. Decryption with the horoscope of Jean-Yves Espié.


In the sky, everything is particularly bright. Between May 16 and 22, 2024, the stars form incredible alliances. This Saturday, the Sun (energy), Jupiter (luck), and Uranus (transformation) combine their powers to drive a wind of change. It’s about coming out of your shell, daring to do things differently, and opening your perspectives to see tempting proposals born. At the same time, Venus, love, and Mercury, communication, also invite themselves to the party. All these planets in Taurus help us dive into a real bubble of sweetness. Everything that is initiated will have a good chance of turning into a winning attempt. If it’s ultra-positive for Taurus, “with such an accumulation of benevolent influences, it’s the right time to roll up your sleeves and give the best of yourself. Be optimistic and dynamic, luck is with you,” warns the astrologer, all signs are affected by this creative impulse.

A happy weekend then, but the rest of the week should not disappoint us either. For good reason, this Monday, the Sun enters the charismatic sign of Gemini. Its anniversary season officially begins, reconnecting us with lightness, creativity, and good humor. After a period of taking care of yourself, your routine, and your financial security, we are entering a much more festive phase. Enough to have a real feeling of freedom.


It’s finally his turn to shine. After having patiently waited (or not) for his birthday season, Gemini can finally boast of being the star of the moment. The astrologer underlines: “The arrival of the Sun will take place on Monday. His presence will bring you new energy which will make you see life on the bright side. » The craziest sign of the zodiac (and we tell you that in a good way) sees his energy increase tenfold. He wants to party, have fun, and above all have the feeling that nothing can stop him. If this allows him to have good times with his loved ones, it is above all a perfect opportunity to take on small challenges to change his situation.

On the professional side, the period is ideal for putting your creativity to good use. He has flair and business acumen. The conjunction brings him luck. “Let’s add the influence of Pluto which brings out new ideas and projects,” explains Jean-Yves Espié, and it’s a boulevard that opens up to him. Opportunities emerge and alliances could motivate him to want to exceed his limits. “Several options will be possible, but it will be up to you to make thoughtful choices over the long term. » Again, nothing negative. The field of possibilities is widening. Now is the time to dare everything and explore unknown paths. In short, Gemini shines. Here he is elected star of the moment!


For the most romantic sign of the zodiac, it is finally time to reconnect with his first passion: flirting and loving in all lightness. For Libra, this week should be taken as “a page-turning”. The beauty sees her desires come to the fore. But when it comes to change, the sky only has good surprises in store. It is a new story that is being written thanks to “the double influence of the Sun and Pluto in complicit sectors”, admits the astrologer. What should we understand behind all this? “One of your priorities will be to regain autonomy to broaden your circle of relationships. » Libra regains self-confidence. She lets herself be carried away and asserts her desires more and more.

The Sun in Gemini invites him to release his playful and teasing side. She listens to herself a little more, she decides to establish her own rules while following feelings more than reason. This is why Jean-Yves Espié gives him the following advice: “Respond to this impulse of the heart which pushes you to see beyond your horizon. »Beautiful energies are aligned above his head. There is no need to wait until Monday to be carried by this positive momentum. This weekend, the Moon visits it forming beautiful aspects with Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus. It is the assurance that the coming days will be gentle and peaceful. The beauty reconnects with her emotions by taking care of herself. A true liberation!

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