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How Your Partner Behaves When He Is About To Leave You, According To His Zodiac Sign

How your partner behaves when he is about to leave you, according to his zodiac sign. You have probably been in a relationship that didn’t seem quite right. Maybe your morals don’t match, or maybe the personality traits you once loved are starting to get on your nerves. When someone decides that this relationship does not suit them, they begin to behave strangely towards their partner. While breakups can be difficult, they never come without warning.

Using astrological signs as an indicator of your partner’s personality traits is a fun way to gauge how a person is feeling. Learning about your loved one’s personality type based on their sign can help you determine if your instincts about your relationship are correct.


When he is about to leave you, he creates another conflict: When Aries falls in love with someone, he becomes sensitive and kind. If Aries loves you, then his kindness will be much more than hostility. However, when Aries is not obsessed with you, this sign can get frustrated and instinctively create arguments and quarrels. Conflicts can be fun for Aries because they are ruled by the planet Mars. When Aries goes from being kind to you to not caring, it can be a sign that something is not right in the relationship.


Becomes impatient: Those with this zodiac sign tend to be brutally honest and very sarcastic towards people they don’t like. However, when Taurus loves you, he will spend all his time with you, support you, and listen to your minor problems and worries.

Once Taurus decides they’re done with you, their determined nature turns into a patient listener for your problems. Taurus naturally doesn’t like wasting time, and it’s bad luck for your relationship to feel miserable while spending time with you.


Loses interest:  People who are Gemini experience excitement in their lives and experience something new. To win a Gemini’s love, you have to hold their attention and be an inspiring and interesting person. When they fall in love, you will be their top priority and they will want to discuss everything in life with you and become stronger with you.

When Gemini stops communicating or prioritizes their free time over you, it means that they are no longer interested in you.


Builds Their Walls:  When this sign falls in love, they finally feel comfortable tearing down the walls they’ve built and begin to show their vulnerability. They tend to be sensitive and will also protect themselves from others. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so it is very important to manage your mood swings and try to understand their inner nature. Once a Cancer becomes retiring, shy, and silent, something is wrong in the relationship.


Focused on their goals without you: Leo is known to be especially resourceful and eloquent. When they fall in love, they achieve their goals while still retaining their true individuality. They love to exalt the people they love at every happy stage of their lives, including you in everything they achieve. Once a Leo loses the passion, drive, and motivation to do the important things, it means the relationship is no longer right for them.


When he is about to leave you, he stops cooperating with you: Virgo develops at work, in repetitive and daily tasks. Virgo seeks love with interesting people who bring joy to their boring lives and create happiness in everyday life. When Virgo finds the right relationship, she wants to improve and grow with her lover.

When this love falls apart, they may be too indecisive and passive to end the relationship. As soon as Virgo stops planning a life with you or becomes part of her daily life, it’s a red signal that something bad is happening.


Shares your lives: Libra is the sign most associated with relationships because they are ruled by Venus. They have a natural ability to connect their life with the life of another person and attach great importance to interpersonal relationships. Therefore, when they feel that something is wrong between them and their partner, they begin to unconsciously separate their life from yours.

This process may not be noticeable, since Libra is naturally charming and kind, but their true feelings will manifest in their distance from you.


Becomes indifferent: Scorpio is known for its mysterious, interesting, and unusual nature. It is difficult to truly understand their emotions, even if their feelings tend to be passionate and strong, with a desire to be faithful and honest with their partner.

As soon as your Scorpio partner starts to lose their temper or become ice cold towards you, it’s time to admit that you are no longer the one they need. There is a fine line between hatred and love for a Scorpio.


Runs and Leaves You: This sign places a high value on their independence, learning, and growth toward new things as well as personal freedom. In a relationship, a Sagittarius bonds closely with their partner and is happy to be close to each other.

Their freedom fades into the background, instead of their relationship and dedication to their work. When your Sagittarius becomes unhappy with you, he may end your relationship and become free again, moving on without you.


Stops investing in you: Capricorn is a balanced and responsible person who is constantly two steps ahead of the current moment. When you meet a Capricorn, you may find that they help you tune in and get into the habit of living a healthy lifestyle, giving you a sense of stability as they are ruled by Saturn.

When Capricorn is no longer in love, he ceases to be obliged to help you and forgets to help you in solving your problems and fulfilling your duties. Once Capricorn stops interfering in your life, it can be a bad sign.


He starts to treat you like a friend: Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and because of this tends to be unpredictable and unique. Aquarius may seem cold and aloof due to their behavior, but they are genuine and understanding towards other people.

Aquarius love relationships that are built primarily based on friendship. When they fall in love with you, their love is shown in their romantic attitude towards you. However, once they lose interest, they may start to treat you like “just a friend.”


Stops thinking about your needs: Pisces are known to value their relationships with other people and love to dedicate themselves to the other person. They take their devotion so seriously that they often have a habit of becoming dependent on their partner.

Because their ruling planet is Neptune, they have no concept of boundaries or personal space in a relationship. However, when Pisces lose interest in a relationship, they build walls to avoid intimacy and stop caring about your needs completely.

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