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How easily the signs complicate their lives: Virgo is his biggest enemy

We often make life difficult for ourselves. We cannot blame someone else when we ourselves put ourselves in the most difficult and unpleasant situations.

When we choose the hardest path, when we fall into the trap of negative thinking, when we settle for less or let ourselves be dominated by fears or unrealistic ambitions, we turn our life into a torment. Each zodiac sign is capable of unnecessarily complicating its existence. Here’s why:


You fall prey to negativism. Temperament and stubbornness will give you a lot of trouble. Sometimes you withdraw into a negative world that those around you don’t want to enter.


You are not living life to the fullest. You feel the need to control everything and everyone in your life.

And when things don’t go as you plan, you take care of those you care about the most. The hardest thing to understand is that you can’t control people, and situations don’t always work out in your favor. Learn to get used to it. The unexpected makes life more interesting.


You give in to escape faster. You fall in love because you don’t know what you want. You give up in life because you fear change. You give up in your career because you got used to something that doesn’t make you happy. That’s why you end up hurting others, because you are indecisive about your life and you tend to drag others into your confusion and suffering.


You put others before yourself. You live in an emotional carousel and you don’t know how to treat others. Sometimes, when you think you’ve met the right person, you put them in front of you and give them more attention than necessary. It’s easy to lose yourself in love, so be careful not to lose yourself!


You shut yourself up and hide your emotions. You think that accepting vulnerability is a sign of weakness. You pretend that you don’t care and that you can’t be touched. But if you leave emotions on the back burner in life, be careful not to close yourself off too much, because at some point you can be overwhelmed by loneliness. Don’t forget, it’s not emotions that make you look weaker, but the fact that you pretend you don’t have them.


You are too unfair to yourself. You tend to put others before yourself. Others admire you because you are cute, but over time, your self-confidence degrades. You are the first to submit to criticism and to point out your weaknesses without helping yourself in any way to develop. You are your own worst enemy and also the only solution to solve this.


You try too hard to please others and you don’t ask for what you want. No matter how cute and appreciated you are, people use you and follow their interests. You ignore your emotions trying to be selfish, but then you become unbearable. Sometimes you hurt the ones you love the most because you repress your emotions and don’t face your problems.


You think you don’t deserve to be loved and you’re better off alone. You are extremely stubborn and do not forgive easily. Your heart is not easy to win, but whoever succeeds will have your love and loyalty for the rest of their lives. Your biggest weakness is that you are a bit selfish and you hurt those who care about you in an attempt to always be number 1.


You are too timid. You are afraid that you will fail, that you will not achieve anything and that you will remain stuck in the same place. Sometimes you have many great ideas, sometimes you get lost in them and don’t bring them to fruition. Take them in turn and focus on each one so you can move forward.


You think you are competing with others to get somewhere. Wrong: you put too much pressure on yourself, instead of enjoying life. You are incredibly hard on yourself and sometimes too obsessed. Always on the run, you always have something to do, but you must not forget to take it easy and enjoy life a little. Otherwise, you will miss the very things that are more important than the objectives.


Let the past influence your life. You tend to keep everything to yourself and you are your own worst enemy. You don’t forgive yourself for the mistakes of the past and you allow them to dictate your future by carrying an unnecessary burden. You dispense with good people precisely because you are convinced that you can do better on your own.


You choose the wrong people. You are attracted to toxic people and habits. You are the most heartfelt sign, but you tend to gravitate around the wrong people – such people drain your energy. As for habits, you choose the bad ones to control your suffering. You hurt yourself because you think you deserve to suffer.

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