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How Women Cheat According To The Signs Of The Zodiac

How women cheat according to the signs of the zodiac. A guide for men, and not only … A horoscope can tell a lot. How women deceive according to the signs of the zodiac: For example, representatives of each sign deceive in their way. What is called – with its own “zest”. Naturally, the horoscope is not a report of a private detective, but there is a certain amount of truth in it.

How women cheat according to the signs of the zodiac:


Representatives of this sign are very organized and collected. Force majeure is not their format. Therefore, if a woman is constantly late and cannot devote enough time to you, this is suspicious. She’s probably giving it to someone else…


Women born under this sign are very open and sociable. Do not feed them bread – let them talk and tell their partner about everything in the world. They also always show their love: they hug, say kind words, and are interested in the affairs of a loved one. If Taurus women become closed and cold, it’s time to sound the alarm. Most likely, they have found a more “grateful interlocutor” and have a very good time with him.


They love to walk. Women of this sign are ready to roam the streets every day and go to cafes, theaters, philharmonic halls, and more. The biggest punishment for them is to stay at home. So, if your chosen one unexpectedly expresses a desire to stay at home when you are going somewhere, this is more than suspicious. It’s not that she’s cheating, but something’s not right…


Cancer Woman rarely cheats. But, as people say, rarely, but aptly. Miracles still happen! The first sign of infidelity is a depressed mood.

It is very difficult for representatives of this sign to lie (this is contrary to their nature), therefore they immediately fall into “sadness and sadness.”


Representatives of this sign begin to pay too much attention to their appearance. A new hairstyle complete with a fashionable manicure and a stunning dress is an alarm bell. He may indicate that she has a new admirer.

In addition, the Leo woman becomes too sociable and chats incessantly, which, as a rule, is not very typical for her.


Oh, this woman is too sensitive to deceive without reflection. Most likely, Virgo will change very carefully and carefully cover her tracks, but she will still give herself away. How? Increased nervousness.

Lying is unnatural for her, so she will feel out of place.


Most of all, the representatives of this sign are afraid that their deceit will be revealed. Therefore, they will react very sharply to the most innocent questions and panic every time it seems to them that “everyone has been guessing about everything for a long time.”


Calculating a liar born under this sign is not an easy task. The fact is that in life they are always very mysterious and ambiguous.

So, if you notice that your partner has become even more mysterious, for example, set four passwords on her phone, she has an even prettier “secret” than you.


She knows that she is to blame, and she is very worried about this. Although he does it in a rather peculiar way: he breaks out and gets angry at his partner. Like it was his fault that she had to… deceive him.


Such a woman will constantly feel guilty. How else? After all, she is extremely serious and responsible. To somehow “whiten” his conscience, he will become overly tender and attentive to his partner. So, if the representative of this sign has become suspiciously “kind” – this is no accident.


Girlfriends for Aquarius are everything. But of course, they won’t tell them about their lover. For the time being. As soon as friends suspect something and ask, the Aquarius woman will lay out everything as if in spirit. That’s when everything will be revealed because if the girlfriends know, the whole world knows.


Pisces women were not conceived by the universe as traitors and deceivers. But since the “card lay down” – so be it, they give up. But at the same time, they are very shy and embarrassed.

Therefore, if your partner avoids looking into your eyes, is embarrassed, and has become even more sensitive, it means that she has found a new fish in the “depths of the oceans”.

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