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How your heart changed from early 2019 to the end. According to your zodiac sign in 2022

How your heart changed from early 2019 to the end. According to your zodiac sign.


Over the past year, you have learned not to put your heart on your tongue and to be very careful when it comes to communicating your emotions. In your opinion, it is much better for your peace of mind from now on if you keep certain feelings to yourself.

BULL ( APRIL 21  MAY 20)

You no longer want to see the good in a person at all costs. From now on, you want much more that people first have to prove to you that they are trustworthy. You have hidden the bad sides of certain people for far too long because you have only focused on the few good things in them.

TWINS ( MAY 21  JUNE 21)

You don’t get involved with someone so quickly. You have become more careful and conscientious and you have tightened the circle around you. You no longer throw your heart at others’ feet so that they can trample on it.


You are no longer obsessed with the idea that only a relationship can make you happy and happy. Throughout the year you have learned that finding your own happiness should come first. Your heart has learned to love itself.


If you give someone your attention and your heart, you are skin and hair, but during the year you have learned to put the brakes on as soon as you notice that the other person is not investing the same energy and time in you. Your heart is no longer immediately at the slightest spark.


You had a habit of getting stuck in toxic relationships because you always missed the right time to let go, hoping to get better. But you no longer stay in such relationships, as soon as someone starts to poison your soul and heart you will go without looking back.


It is no longer enough for you to be in a “half” relationship with someone or to waste your time with someone who keeps you in a gray area between relationship and friendship. You either want something serious, firm for the two to fight for or nothing at all.


You don’t trust people so easily anymore. Your already introverted manner has intensified and you are actually always looking for the “catch” when you get to know someone new. Your heart has withdrawn throughout the year.


You don’t hold back your emotions like you used to. You realize that life can be so much nicer if you don’t suppress your feelings and your heart is now open to the possibility of falling in love.


You no longer eat the emotions and begin to express your feelings freely. The people around you have always described you as very rational and angry, which is changing now that you are discovering and learning to love the sensitive side of yourself.


When you get to know someone, you no longer try to force something, but take it slowly and as soon as you realize that you two do not match, you also express it clearly. Your heart no longer wants to spend time on senseless dates.


You tend to be very pessimistic when it comes to new people who want to get to know you better. In the course of the year, you have learned but the doubts to be someone else and to send things to you without any prejudice. Your heart wants to get rid of old patterns.

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