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Libra Season 2023: Its Influence On All Astrological Signs

A new page is turning in the sky. Saturday, September 23, 2023, begins Libra season. We tell you how it will impact all the signs of the zodiac.

A pressing desire to listen to Taylor Swift’s most folk albums while watching the rain fall above the smoke of your coffee? This is a completely normal physical reaction to the arrival of Libra season. A half-cozy, half-festive atmosphere, since we remember that the most common signs in the population are Virgo and Libra: you will jump from one birthday party to another. This program fits right in with the sociable and sensual temperament of Libra who loves intellectual stimulation as much as the comfort of his living room. We tell you how this Libra season is likely to influence you and what to do to pay homage to the most harmonious sign of all.


We’ll give you a Libra answer: it depends. The month of Libra begins around September 23, but the dates of the astrological signs can vary from day to day, from year to year. This data is not trivial, it is closely linked to the characteristics of the sign. For what? This is the autumnal equinox, the moment when day and night are the same length in a day. A perfect balance for an astrological sign that likes to split the pear in two and which, as luck would have it, is also in the middle of the zodiac.

More than a transitional time to hot chocolate and umbrella season, Libra season is the perfect time to honor the sign’s qualities. We listen to others, we put things together and we don’t hesitate to communicate. Smoothing things out, rounding off corners, and making peace with yourself and others: this is also the theme of Libra season. A romantic moment in essence, since Libra is, among many other things, the sign of love.


We are entering a season governed by the element of Libra: Air. Yes, it’s going to be windy and bring out the anoraks, but it’s not exactly the weather we’re talking about. In Western astrology, Air is linked to the mind, to reflection but also curiosity and communication. As we enter a period of extreme cold (yes, we’re exaggerating a bit), the Air of Libra pushes us to go out, see people, enjoy good company and improvised evenings. It’s all good for the three Air signs. which are Gemini, Libra of course, and Aquarius. The trio shines and can indulge in their favorite activity: cultivating seven hobbies at once and telling everyone about them. The Fire signs, these great extroverts of the zodiac, will also be very positively impacted. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius feel themselves growing wings. While Mars (star of Aries) also flirts with Libra, the red planet gives a good boost to the three Fire signs who see this period as a playground. Taurus also does not shy away from his pleasure, since he and Libra share their flagship planet, Venus, and the same values: good and beautiful.

The challenge will lie with the other signs of Earth (Capricorn, Virgo) and Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). While the former will have to learn to adapt to Libra’s breeze of lightness, the latter will have to put water in their wine, no pun intended.

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The Libra birthday season is also the perfect time to do activities related to this sign


Or give your loved ones a makeover, it depends. Libra likes to play with fashion and show off. Whether it’s a shopping trip, a long-fantasized breakout, or a complete rethink of your closet: it’s now or never.


No one is worldly like Libra. We challenge you to resist their invitations to aperitifs, birthday parties, and fancy dress parties.


Libra is not just a big party girl: she also likes to welcome others into her little personal museum. Hang a gallery of frames, make your works, or repaint the living room: choose your battle.


Venus, the planet of beauty, is the godmother of Libra. This season makes you want to take refuge in an avalanche of colors, shapes, and… compulsive purchases at the museum shop.


Although Libra loves to practice all arts, they have a penchant for everything visual. It’s an opportunity to capture moments of life with friends and share your photos.

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