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Today’s Horoscope 25th August 2023


Today, the stars promise Aries good luck in love affairs, in the field of artistic creativity, and everywhere where sympathy and common tastes play the main role. Luck of this kind will not be superfluous, since the day can bring not only moments of harmony but also misunderstandings, especially on the road and in communication with foreigners. There may be moments of misunderstanding, errors in navigation, communication problems, and confusion in documents.


On this day, Taurus should not plan responsible events. This is especially important when dealing with foreigners or nonresidents: it is possible that the realities of another country or culture will run counter to your ideas about the ideal state of affairs and you will have to adjust to the exotic environment instead of managing events. The day is not bad for romance and entertainment.


Gemini may enjoy many aspects of this day, such as the variety of its experiences, romantic atmosphere, and the opportunity to broaden their horizons or go beyond the chain of command. Interest in other cultures may increase. At the same time, today one cannot do without minor misunderstandings, primarily in the course of communication. Do not choose these days for important meetings and interviews.


The stars tell Cancers that there is nothing permanent on this day, and this is sometimes for the better: there is an opportunity to remember something or learn something again. Small misunderstandings can be useful lessons, especially in situations related to obtaining services, treatment, delivery, information seeking, and short business trips. Do not forget that now any data is preliminary.


This day helps Leos maintain a good mood and enjoy love, creativity, relaxation, and communication with children. Annoying interference will not be able to cancel the pleasant aspects of the situation. It is worth considering the likelihood of technical misunderstandings, and minor hitches with communications and finances. Another feature of the day is the tendency to pleasant illusions, the need to embellish the plots of the present or the past.


Today, the stars advise Virgos to remember the high probability of mistakes and involuntary distortions of reality. Old miscalculations, illusions, and failures in logic will affect. Close partners may not be completely honest and partners may not be honest in everything. Talkativeness and absent-mindedness are possible. On this day, it is good to “speak heart to heart” on philosophical topics, but it is better to refrain from serious negotiations, especially about housing.


Today, Libra needs an exchange of sympathy, signs of love and attention, as well as an influx of useful information – and if everything is in order with the first point, then there may be problems with the second. Until nightfall, there will be the possibility of false, premature, or unverified data, misunderstandings on the road, and misfires in the communication channels. It is better to postpone an important business trip, or the start of treatment.


Today, the stars advise Scorpios to remain vigilant in any business and contacts – especially where money is involved or you have to contact foreigners or strangers. You should not trust even trusted friends and colleagues, now they are capable of involuntary absent-mindedness and forgetfulness. It is better to postpone beginnings. It is advisable to check all the data, order more carefully, and inspect purchases.


The stars tell Sagittarius that today a lot depends on their way of thinking and communicating. The day inclines to increased talkativeness, in which the essence of the matter is missed and illusory conclusions can be drawn based on unverified data. Serious interviews and signing of documents should be avoided. Success will be achieved through charm, sympathy, a sense of humor, or artistic talents.


Capricorns should use this day to expand their horizons, to restore their former knowledge and contacts. But they need to remember that this is a period of questions, not answers. The search for detailed information can be delayed and on the way you will have to go through delusions more than once. It is better not to rush to send an important letter or document. Not the best time to hit the road, it’s wiser to study the routes.


Today, Aquarius may find themselves preoccupied with thoughts about the future, which will often feel like fantasies. The stars advise them not to get carried away with building detailed plans and enjoy the good sides of the moment. It can be love or friendly sympathy, an unexpected find, or a lucky coincidence. Do not refuse an invitation to a party or a date, from outings into nature.


The stars tell Pisces that the time has not yet come for final agreements and their documentary evidence. If you have to conduct a dialogue, pass an interview or an exam, there is still an opportunity to prepare, find a possible mistake, or catch it. Even from the right premises, wrong conclusions can be drawn and error is possible on both sides. Tricky questions are best avoided.

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