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Love Tarot For All Zodiac Signs: February 20th-26th

Aries Tarot – Moon

You feel insecure about both your partner and your relationship. There are unclear circumstances between you. But, most likely, you came up with them yourself, especially since you are especially sensitive this week. And as you know, the worst thing is the unknown, and it is this fear that you are experiencing now. If you are at the initial stage of a relationship, the situation is characterized more favorably. Perhaps for now you are just taking a closer look at each other. The card advises: that no matter how passionate you are about your partner, do not forget about other aspects of life besides love.

Taurus Tarot – 10 of Cups

Happiness, harmony, desire, and willingness to pamper your partner – you will experience all this this week: it will be like a honeymoon. And if we are talking about a new acquaintance, we can safely say that it was given to you by fate itself. In general, this week is ideal for strengthening relationships with family ties: in this case, your couple will have every chance of a long, happy future together. If the wedding is still far away, you will still be able to experience the feeling of something strong and deep appearing in your connection. Now you need to “grab all the stars from the sky”, make the most of any situation and enjoy it. Don’t miss the moment!

Gemini Tarot – 8 of Wands

All the ideas you have about your partner have little to do with reality. Your doubts give rise to internal dissatisfaction and even aggression, and this, in turn, is the basis for quarrels and other problems. It turns out that the source of problems in your relationship is you. You don’t hear either the voice of reason or the voice of the heart. And you don’t even listen to the advice of others. It’s time to part with your fictitious theories.

Cancer Tarot – Emperor

We are talking about a relationship that is not very romantic, but quite strong because you both need each other and have common goals. There is an authority in your union that sets rules and procedures. There is no need to contradict them or try to change them. If you both adhere to this opinion, there will be no contradictions. If you are pursuing a specific goal in your relationship, strictly adhere to the action plan on the way to your plan. And, if your goals do not have a negative connotation, then nothing will stop you from building strong relationships according to your scenario. Card advice: it’s time to act and make plans for the future.

Leo Tarot – 4 of Cups

If you meet a man this week, it will probably be fatal. But don’t rush headlong into a relationship just to avoid being alone. Such happiness will not last long. If you have already met the one, then this week you will reach the peak of mutual understanding. During this period it is good to make new plans and dreams. And don’t let the past hinder you. Your dreams are quite realistic and have a better chance of coming true than in your past relationships. If difficulties arise between you and your partner this week, you need to solve all the problems on the shore, and not run away from them. And stop taking everything to heart!

Virgo Tarot – Ace of Cups

This week is full of deep feelings: romanticism, passion, and a feeling of happiness! If you are still single, then the Ace of Cups persistently hints that you will soon be able to meet your man. We can say that now is the time when all your dreams begin to come true. But it’s better not to put your love achievements on public display: as they say, happiness loves silence. Learn to remain optimistic even in the most confusing situations. Love is like that!

Libra Tarot – 5 of Wands

This week is the time to resolve all conflicts in your relationship. But the path to such a situation will not be easy: first, you will have to overcome several difficulties. But all this is temporary. Still, the result is more important, isn’t it? These changes will allow you to return lost harmony to your relationship. And the advice from the card is this: before you do anything, and no matter for what purpose, figure out how to do it so that the situation does not give rise to gossip.

Scorpio Tarot – Queen of Swords

Unfortunately, lies and insincerity reign in your relationships, and sometimes this Arcanum indicates a marriage of convenience. In certain contexts, the Queen of Swords can symbolize an alliance that is in danger of falling apart. The difficulties in this union have made you tougher. But the only way out in your situation is still a banal human conversation. And stop controlling everything! Otherwise, there will be only one step left from love to hate.

Sagittarius Tarot – 9 of Swords

This card is encouraging: everything is about to get better. If you recently experienced a breakup, soon there will be no trace left of your sorrows. You need to learn to accept even the most difficult lessons with patience and gratitude. Wait for good news. The card also advises: that before you rush into a relationship, think about your decision several times. It’s time to take control of the situation into your own hands. Nothing will change in your personal life until you start changing it yourself.

Capricorn Tarot – Queen of Pentacles

This week is good for tying the knot between yourself and your partner. If the conclusion of an official union takes place this week, then it will become prosperous for you not only in terms of mutual feelings but also in material terms. You are ripe to truly love and give this love to others. And it won’t interfere with other aspects of your life. All you need is to finally learn to take responsibility for your life and give free rein to your emotions.

Aquarius Tarot – Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Coins in relationships is primarily boredom and dissatisfaction. This Arcanum demonstrates the sluggish flow of events, routine in relationships, and indifference to the partner. Perhaps there is a misunderstanding in your couple due to everyday issues. Some of you take on everything, and some of you take on nothing. This situation cannot be called a good foundation for future life. It’s time to change something. Card advice: try not to live in illusions or wishful thinking.

Pisces Tarot – The Chariot

Something new awaits you this week. In the current situation, this is either a new relationship or a renewal of old ones, but also during this period, a temporary forced separation cannot be ruled out. This can be either a trip or a business trip. If you have a specific goal regarding your personal life, now is the time to make every effort to achieve it. But fears and self-doubt may hinder you. You need to get rid of this! If you are in a quarrel with your man, expect a speedy reconciliation. After that, your relationship will reach a new level.

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