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The waning moon will make you listen to your feelings and, if possible, slow down the pace of life. Review all the cases that you have planned and re-prioritize: choose urgent plans, and the rest can be postponed for later. Try to complete as many things as possible, do not leave them for the next lunar month.

Monday, 9.01

Be sure to make time to interact with your children if you don’t want to get upset about their not-so-good behavior. This is a great period to better understand your offspring and be proud of them. If you don’t have children yet, pay more attention to other family members. Call your parents or visit them in person.

Tuesday, 10.01

Everything that you consider the fruits of your creativity can be recognized by others on this day. Well, if you decide to participate, for example, in a charity exhibition. You can start to implement new creative ideas. It can be both a work of art and a culinary or design masterpiece.

Wednesday, 11.01

Any homework will go well, especially if you are not too lazy to calculate the costs beforehand to implement your plans and draw up at least an approximate hourly schedule. This is how time management is gained. At first glance, this seems insignificant, but the result will pleasantly surprise you.

Thursday, 12.01

If you want to elevate some useful actions to the rank of habits, do not miss this day. Think about what makes you feel significantly better, and try to do it consistently. For example, if you have long intended to start doing light exercises in the morning or running in the park, start a new life today. You will not regret it!

Friday, 13.01

On this day, you will have to remember everything you ever knew about the rules of negotiation and diplomacy in general. It is possible that thanks to such efforts you will be able to pacify even the angriest person. Patience, the ability to step back in conflict situations, as well as a lifesaver – a sense of humor will help.

Saturday, 14.01

A good time to take care of your appearance. Your desire to tidy up your skin and hair will allow you to choose a really good hairdresser or cosmetologist on this day. Same there is a chance, having studied the novelties of perfumery, it is very successful to buy perfumes that will win your heart forever.

Sunday, 15.01

Be restrained and careful. You can quarrel with your soulmate or with someone from the household. They are hardly inclined now to reckon with your experiences and will not be delicate. You shouldn’t be seriously offended. Perhaps you expect too much from people who are forced to endure life’s hardships. Show condescension.

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